Friday, May 9, 2014

A Wet Walk

The dog goes for four walks every day

whatever the weather. This rather makes me regret the days when we lived in the country and the dog could take himself for a walk. Anyway, I spent 99cents to get a new Hipstamatic thingy for my phone so had something to do...

Wet tulips

More wet tulips.

Droopy wet tulip.

Hostas love being wet.

Ah, chartreuse!

One of our tree pits outside the building. The pharmacist from Duane Reade  - while taking a smoking break (!) - asked me why there was no pink? So said (rather snootily) - In a small space one needs a limited palatte. Went to Union Square bought a pink daisy shortly thereafter...)

A dogwood on 20th Street.

8th Avenue and 23rd Street. 3pm May 8th.....!


  1. Even Jack and Snippet only get three! Lovely misty photos...

  2. Wonderful photos I like your new app. The colors and subject are lovely.
    Rain Oh my Goodness Rain. We have had none and it is wildfire season burning Southern Arizona right now. I dream of rain.
    Goodness, four walks a day ? With thehamish diabetes (even with meds) he has to go out every two hours. Thank Goodness I can let him out in the yard.
    But after twilight into evening I have to watch them, the coyotes jump fences here.
    I always wondered how many times you had to walk Gud Dug Buster.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Buster is one lucky dog! Believe me, he will slow down with age...Love the pale yellow shot of Ms. Tulip!

  4. Simply put, the photos are sensational Elizabeth and the app was well worth it.
    What? only FOUR walks a DAY? ;)

  5. hey wix news lens makes thing s f u z z y

  6. Me voilà rentrée d'un séjour d'une semaine à NY et j'ai bien compris qu'il faudrait une vie pour la connaître et la photographier... je ne vais pas pouvoir !


  7. Elizabeth, I like the way that new photo app helped capture the drizzle that enveloped New York this week. Hoping to see more of what can happen in other sorts of light.

    (I am so glad it was sunnier when we went to the farmers market.)

    Best wishes to you and yours. xo

  8. I for one am glad that your dog takes you for a walk, and that you splurged on the new Hipstamatic app.

  9. LOL!! I love how you gave into the pharmacist!!! : ) The photos are wonderful. Your 99 cents was well worth it!! : ) I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day!! xo

    ~ Wendy


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