Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Approaches

One of the first really snowy days of the season.

I walked up to Broadway

and headed to Union Square

where people were picking out trees

and dressed in festive costumes.

Snow dusted the holly

and the apples

It decorated almost everything.

It snowed in the early evening as shoppers hurried home 

It continued into the night.


  1. Beautiful images Elizabeth!
    I do hope the snowfalls aren't so heavy as to cause hardship for anyone.
    But, it's certainly looking likely for a white Christmas!

  2. that looks cold, so cold. narry a snowflake here but it is frigid, can't get warm enough, I really miss hot flashes.

  3. Beautiful photos but the last one is spectacular.
    I am getting use to that Rite Aid sign.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Exquisite photographs - I am SO pleased you have decided to post on this site again! PS Love your Christmassy background colour.

  5. Looks very much like here, only the snow is gone and its very mild. Probably we will not be able to enjoy a White Christmas...

  6. I love your red background!
    You make everything look so festive. I always enjoy your NY stories.

  7. Love that last one Elizabeth - well all of them of course, AND the red background too!

  8. You have snow! We get excited (or not) when you have snow as it invariably arrives here later. I am pleased to see you here again. I love your pics taken from 'on high'. Well I love all your pics.....

  9. Elizabeth, I think that you caught the feeling of that recent NYC snow day very well. I love the photographs that just precedes the "Rite Aid" photo. Showing dark graphic patterns of familiar things transformed by snowfall is so beautiful.

    Isn't it cold now! I am hoping for a mid-weed warm up that gets the temperature to just edge above freezing.

    May I also tell you that it's grand to see more About New York and that the red background is a beauty.


  10. That looks wonderful Elizabeth. We have been in NY at this time of year and know how cold it can be.It does look so beautiful though and adds to the festive atmosphere.

  11. A great Christmas blog Elizabeth, love the red background! Just got off the phone talking to Rinkly Rimes in Australia and she wishes to be remembered! It was she and you that got me started with the blogging which I hope to continue soon now that my photo art show is up. It is getting some good comments! It was good to see you there. To think that would not have happened if I had not started blogging…..Have a good Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

  12. OMG! Such beautiful images. The magic of the city at Christmas. Last week I strolled through Union Square Market with a hot Chocolate from Max Breners. There is a certain excitement in the it.


  13. Sounds like a good, cold, wintry day. I especially love the photo of the woman with her festive hat. :-)

  14. Your photos make the city streets lined with gritty snow look charming. Perhaps less so to live it, but lovely to look at from where I sit.

  15. This makes me feel very Christmassy. I love Florida in the winter, but I must confess to wanting just a bit of these scenes around the Christmas season...

  16. Happy Holidays to You and Your family!

  17. Merry of merriest to you, Elizabeth! And a New Year filled with inspiring photo ops in that bewitching city you live in.

  18. Have a great New Year!! Lots of luck with your writing and your books.Love your images of snow in New York. What a winter wonderland. Hugs

  19. I want to visit New York!

  20. Magical images, each one a gift!
    The colours are so interesting, what are you shooting them with? Just the an article in the New Yorker Magazine about camera going to be obsolete, soon.
    The writer may have a point, if your pictures were taken with the phone, I should consider throwing out that heavy metal I am shlepping around. ;-)

    Best wishes,


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