Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Balloons from Above

A rather different vantage point for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade courtesy of my friend Jo Paley who lives very high up and can look down on 5th Avenue.

Jo took all the photos.

She looked down on Candy canes

and the Pillsbury doughboy

not to mention NYPD horses followed by

the trusty clean up crew!

Snoopy and Woodstock are my favorites.

Well done, Macy's

even if Spidey is a little scary!


  1. Wow! Now THAT'S the way to watch a parade. You know horses have made it when they have their own cleanup crew. Yes, Spidey looks spooky. Thanks for the amazing view!

  2. What amazing photos! And there were the weatherman trying to put the fear of god into us that it would be too windy to have the parade. So glad it went ahead.

  3. What a great view! My favorite view by far, always from above. How fun.

  4. Amazing - coming from the UK I have always wanted to see the Macy's parade, you see it so often on TV and it looks amazing.
    Snoop and Woodstock are my faves too, and Spidey is quite scary...


  5. Absolutely brilliant photographs. I must say that anything that the Americans do in this line they do so well.

  6. Terrific photos !
    What a fun way to watch this parade.
    Thank You for posting them for Jo.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. COOL vantage point! Love the photos and I feel like I can fly!

  8. Oh Elizabeth, thanks to you and Jo for these photographs. It was way, way too cold and windy for me to venture out to West 72nd Street and Central Park West this year for parade photos.

    Isn't it odd that today the weather is actually on the mild side?


  9. these are wonderful! it's hard to pick a favorite.

  10. I´m so sorrry, that there is no Thanksgiving tradition in Austria.
    I love these balloons. Specially snoop and woodstock
    Hope you are fine. We are fine and I just planning another trip to NY, maybe next year.


  11. Well done Macy's indeed, and Jo Paley and, long live Snoopy!!

  12. What great photos. I like Snoopy and Woodstock best too!


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