Sunday, February 3, 2013

So Many Good Things/Friday

An ethereal tutu in the window of ABC Carpet. 'Such stuff as dreams are made on...'

and a magic ball through which we see a rabbit......
However, less magical is the fact that La Pain Quotidien has vanished  from where it used to be at the back of the store. It's well below freezing and there is a water main break at Madison Square Park.

So Frances and I rush to City Bakery on 19th Street in search of carb comfort. 

Whole wheat croissants....who knew?

YoungManBehindCounter: The hot choc of the day is lemon.  It's delicious.
Me: What? Really? Please couldn't I have regular hot choc? It's sort of like chocolate chip bagels.....
Him (smiling) : I love chocolate chip bagels.......
Me: Well, I'm sure they're all wonderful, but I'll stick to the plain kind for now.....

We repair to Beads of Paradise on17th Street to drown in Thai silk 

and dream of foreign parts.

I buy $15 worth of powder glass beads from Ghana....


a squash for soup at Union Square.

On the way home I saw people waiting in line for a vintage clothes expo.
Hard to be bored in New York.


  1. I find it difficult to be bored anywhere! Even our sleepy town! Love the fluffy ethereal window - beautiful!

  2. Lemon hot chocolate? I think I would have tried it just out of curiosity though it sounds rather impossible.

    Sometimes I can't get my head around the different worlds we all live in; I'm thinking of the weather for example, where you are well below freezing and everyone is all bundled up against the cold. I wonder if people in earlier ages even thought of such things since all they were aware of at any particular time was their own locale. I guess not.

    Sorry, I'm rambling. It was enjoyable coming along with you today!

  3. Yes you could never be bored in your wonderful city. So much to distract you and you don't take it for granted, instead you share it with us, thank you.
    Plain hot choccy for me too..........

  4. You always make me want to be there. Your photos are so beautiful, especially that first one.

  5. I'm tempted to squeeze a lemon into my hot chocolate but not enough to actually go through with it I think. Absolutely wonderful trip around NY with you. Thanks so much!

  6. Hello Elizabeth:
    There is a splendid eclecticism about all of this which we love although Thai silk in our hands would be rather wasted. Notwithstanding, the City Bakery looks to be just our kind of place.

  7. What fun we had on that chilly day, Elizabeth. Your ethereal tutu photo is terrific. That was a charming window we saw.

    I am glad that we did brave the chill and transportation stalled by water main breakage.

    Hoping you did find your cilantro somewhere along your route home.


  8. Goodness I loved the tour today.
    I always think I would love to live in a city like NY with all the fabulous things to look and see. How could you get board ?
    But I think I am a western girl at heart. I love the wide open spaces, big sky and mountains, they are our skyscrapers !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Appears that spammers got through the blogger filter. Anyway, at one time, "pheasant under glass" was a descriptive symbol of fancy food... Your photos of window displays reminds me of that old expression.

  10. Thanks for taking us along! What a FUN shopping trip. What exotic places to visit and browse. Too bad you couldn't capture and share the scents from the bakery as well as you did the images.

  11. Yes, lots of big city things to do.
    Looks like everyone in line is doing something on their phones.

  12. whole wheat croissants!?! i bet they didn't reduce the amount of butter, well, more fiber is never bad. i agree with you, they should stop fiddling with perfectly good bagels, and tea.

    love the ûber-girly tutu, it is made of stretchy fabric? i happen to love croissants...

  13. An exciting and colourful day. I love bead shops but have not been to a good one for years. There used to be a good one in Covent Garden but I don't think it is still there. The money soon mounts up in one! Tempting!

  14. There are truly so many gorgeous textures, colors and patterns there. How good your eye is to frame them as you do. Just wonderful.

    I do not know how I would choose one of the pastries.

  15. YUM...yum...yum... that's all there is to it! ;o) Such, fun! ((HUGS))

  16. Thank you for showing me a slice of the city today. Loved this. Most days I love living in a town of just 70,000, but some days I would give anything to walk the streets of NY.


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