Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Blizzard Watch

Note in the elevator about 7 day supply of bottled water etc etc.....
Look out our 2 gallons left over from Sandy. Son texts about filling up bath tub. 
Awful truth: right now nothing much is happening -- the snow has stopped and there is just the light patter/sprinkle of frozen rain being flung against the window. A spray of tiny ice pellets. Anyone know the precise word for this?

Yesterday we got in supplies: salami and blue irises at Trader Joe's. In the afternoon I went on the subway to Soho and bought knitting wool. (Knitting being a very low tech calming activity!)

Hemingway a wonderful choice for subway reading.

This morning at 7:15 rain and sleet blowing at an angle. (8th Avenue)

Snack truck doing business as usual.

The irises have opened at home.

Local shops are gearing up for Valentine's Day

very pretty in pink.

Berch has decorated The Moonstruck Diner as usual.

Will keep you posted if anything exciting happens.


  1. I was thinking, oh no not another storm !
    I love the 8th Avenue sleet blowing at an angle photo. So beautiful but I know it can not be the best out and about weather to be in. Still a wonderful photo.
    The Square Ones hope you have a 7 day supply of snacks for Monsieur Poirot.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. love the pinks, and the picture of the lady in green. in finnish there are dozens of words for all forms of water/snow, i'm sure eskimos have even more...the oxford dictionary isn't very helpfull in this area.

    hope you won't get snowed in!

  3. Good to hear you are ready. We got our logs stacked by the woodstove and about 3 inches of snow has fallen with maybe 20 more coming. This is normal for Maine but I know how difficult big storms are in the city. Stay warm!

  4. I couldn't believe it when on my own local weather site (which I check most mornings) there's a segment on the USA n/e snow storm that's looming. They say the worst in a decade is what's expected.
    The 8th Avenue photo is my favourite in this collection Elizabeth. (I love the challenge of choosing a favourite)
    Please DO keep us posted and stay warm and safe! (snow boots for Buster - of course)

  5. the irises are a fantastic splash of colour stay warm

  6. "A spray of tiny ice pellets"
    Elizabeth, that would be "snow grains"

    "Snow grains are characterized as very small (<1 mm), white, opaque grains of ice that are fairly flat or elongated. Unlike snow pellets, snow grains do not bounce or break up on impact. Usually, very small amounts fall, mostly from stratus clouds or fog, and never fall in the form of a shower."
    (Quoted from Wikipedia

    I happened to hear the word in German, "Schneegriesel", on the radio and looked it up because I had never heard it before.

    Stay safe and warm,

  7. OH my! and here I am on the West Coast ... so close to spring I can almost touch it!
    Stay safe and warm - we enjoy hearing your voice

  8. Elizabeth, I am happy to report that we were able to close the shop early...5 pm rather than 8. Light snow was falling at that point, and the subway trains were much more empty than they'd usually be at that rush hour time.

    This morning, some of those sleety snow pellets were hitting my face on the way to work. I didn't want to sacrifice my somewhat fragile umbrella to the cross winds.

    Wonder what we will awake to tomorrow morning. I still think that I will have some shoveling to do.

    Keep Buster's boots handy! xo

  9. So many people forget how important flowers are when it comes to survival. Your blue irises look like the ones delivered to me when I was fresh home from three days in the hospital. Yes. Flowers are necessary.


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