Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gloomy.....sort of.....

We are having the most peculiar weather this year.....but so is almost everyone else -- like Weaver of Grass in England with horribly strong winds.

Very English to talk a lot about the weather. 
To back up.....Sunday was sunny (as per the last post....). Monday was......well......peculiar. We were told to expect a 'wintry mix' which basically seems to mean snow and sleet and rain. We went to Long Island anyway.

As you leave Penn Station there is all sorts of industrial stuff....

with little bits of snow on sidings.

Queens (on the whole) is better seen through a thick miasma of Forest Hills....

Then regular sorts of houses.

The trees in Cold Spring Harbor looked suitably witchy and skeletral.

By the time we got home, it had all turned to rain, and they had removed the top of the Empire State Building.

Biking was hazardous

and umbrellas de rigeur....

Tuesday dawned brightly

  I saw this glove locked and chained to a lamp post on the corner of 23rd St and 9th Avenue......

22nd Street. Haven't had a picture of a truck for ages

or a picture of people (on 22nd St) who look as if they have escaped from Brooklyn. (Yes, I had turned the camera by mistake to something called 'Effects' --'Effects' just makes things look slightly out of focus.

like this nice little bird.

Wednesday was astoundingly, unnaturally warm. Walked on the High Line with Paz.

There was almost no one about

except a pair of young people. 
(Bill Stankus, this is for you who wanted black and white!)

Thursday is windy. Power off in parts of Long Island. 



  1. reminds me of that old saying - wait a minute, the weather will change

    I love how darkly dramatic your shots are

  2. Elizabeth, Thank you - drama is always in the shadows... or so it seems.

  3. Yes - it's incredibly windy here but, seeing your shots, I'm suddenly suddenly feeling quite warm! It looks miserable, if beautiful in NY!

  4. Elizabeth, you are so correct in your weather reporting, and so good at capturing what one can see about New York, if one has a good eye.

    I do love the photo of the chained up glove!

    See you soon. xo

  5. The last few days I have been catching my breath and dreaming of my next adventure, teaching with you and Seth.
    Your eye for beautiful photographs and your beautiful wording makes me even more excited. And to be in your beautiful city will be so wonderful for me!

  6. Wonderful images of New York. And yes we english talk far too much about the weather.
    Ali x

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  8. Very dramatic pictures and I like the one with the chained up glove someone out there has a one very cold hand.

  9. Yes, I've heard that the weather has been crazy lately. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing your week in photos. When is the top of the Empire State Building scheduled for repositioning?


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