Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moroccan SnapShots

Before we lived in New York, we lived in Marrakesh for two years.
See here

We are now back there for a short while...
enjoying mysterious doors....

... pastilla....which is flaky pastry with nuts and chicken and powdered sugar.......

 ...not to mention the fruit juice......

 ...the pot pourri

 and the lanterns.

last of all, a cat in the fruit market who is about to produce lots of little cats any minute...
this photo is for Joan Rundo who makes super cat calendars every year!


  1. Cool pictures... love the ethnic differences of our world! makes it interesting.... which is what life is all about if you ask me :)

  2. Wow... is that where you sleep???

    That might be the prettiest stray I've ever seen. And she is quite pregnant isn't she?

  3. Elizabeth photos of your beloved Morocco are your best yet. I especially loved the picture of the bed. I feel for the mother cat. It will be a hard life for the babies.

  4. That bed looks absolutely heavenly. Maybe I should think of turning in?

    Not sure about the combination of powdered sugar and chicken, but the picture of it looks highly edible.

  5. How fabulous to be able to enjoy mysterious doors!

  6. Oh! That first photograph is exactly what I love to paint and draw; I am amazed by it; the colour, the textures, the history behind it - the atmosphere that you have created.

  7. Such an exotic location to photograph. Each photo tells us an interesting story...the mystery door, the potpourri, the cat, and the bed, love them all.

  8. I would like to try this pastilla:) The fruits look also o fresh!

  9. Nuts, chicken and powdered sugar. I am not sure!


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