Saturday, February 19, 2011

Colors to Delight

Friday spent wandering around......

 Flowers in the garden of La Mamounia the wonderfully posh hotel where Winston Churchill stayed long, long ago.....and where we did not stay....

 Cushions on the roof of riad Rimal where our friend Ismail now works

Even the street signs have a certain  shabby-chic charm.

The villa in the grounds of the Jardin Majorelle is painted.......bleu majorelle ---how could one guess!

The tea shop in the same place.....

The rood of riad Rimal......hindi or cactus fruit of a lovely plum color.

In the evening, when it turned chilly, we sat by the wood fire.

For many more pictures of Morocco go here



  1. Elizabeth, those colors absolutely do delight! What a treat to have an early morning visit to such beautiful places via your very fine photographs.

    Very mild here yesterday, but snow and ice due tomorrow evening. Another reason to enjoy the warmth of your post.


  2. Such a colorful,magical place. I wish people in the midwest would paint buildings and homes in bright colors. It would certainly add to the very flat, very white-bread look of the region.

  3. Lovely photos of a wonderful day.
    I especially enjoyed the photo of the cactus and wonderful tile floor.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Your photos are remarkable, really. Everything looks like a dream, especially the garden at Majorelle. Simply beautiful, The fireplace, everything seems warn while we are still so very cold. See you when you g et back.

  5. Ahh Morrocco. A photographer's delight!

  6. Nice photos, this is a very interesting place!

  7. What a gorgeous photos and colors!
    Sounds really a magic place.

  8. going to new york soon, cant wait, im a big fan of artwork, and here they have amazing work over there.

  9. 'Colours to delight' - and so they do, besides tranporting us to this magical place.

  10. Fantastic shots!! salut!!

    Francesc, Barcelona

  11. One tends not to think of blue as a warm colour but here it's searingly so. The cactus, with its plummy fruit is gorgeous, and I love all those tiled floors.

  12. wow, an impressice shade of blue on that wall!

  13. Love it! If I had to choose between Eat, Pray or Love ~ it would be all about praying here :)

  14. I imagine that in the heat the blue would be very cooling.


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