Sunday, April 6, 2008

Metropolitan Abstract and Some People

I spent quite a long time waiting around here the other day. But, if you have to hang about, this is a pretty good place to do it.
You can watch the world go by.

Even without art, the building itself is wonderful and monumental.

It invites shutterbugs to go ahead and try out artsy angles for photos.

The museum is so huge that one can get mental indigestion. So you can't do too much on a single day.
We went to the Courbet and the Jasper Johns - a good contrast.

We ate lunch in the cafeteria in the basement which is OK or even quite good as mass catering but not to be recommended as an aesthetic experience. (See Neue Galerie)

It is worth looking upwards and downwards as well as straight ahead.

Is one morally improved by drinking in art and beauty?
Or is it just pure pleasure?

I just enjoy looking at things - both man made and natural.
What do you enjoy looking at most in Manhattan?


  1. I enjoy looking at these photos. Lovely!


  2. I love the Metropolitan Musuem of Art - there are so many different aspects of art from sculpture, to furniture to paintings to Egyptian tombs. What a place, I would love to have to waste time there, I never get enough of it.


  3. My second favorite spot in Manhattan is to sit on the stairs outside Madison Square Garden when waiting for the LIRR, watching all the melting pot of people walking by.

    PS Tell Pete and Liz Hi.


  4. Dear Anonymous:
    I have spent many happy(?) hours sitting on the Post office steps waiting for timid people who need walking from Penn down to the apt.

  5. Ah, the of my favorite places on Earth. I guess I am just like my mom (Cheryl). I love people watching in New York City.

  6. One of my favorite things to see in Manhattan is about to appear: the blooming crabapple trees in the Gardens in Central Park (near 105th and Fifth Avenue). Oh, those trees are glorious. I think I have a few more weeks to wait, but I'll be there to see them. With luck, I'll snap a photo or two.

    I love the shots you took of the sunlight in the Met - great!

  7. I love those shots looking up at the incredibly ornamental eaves, and also those windows!

  8. If I could live inside Metropolitan Museum of Art I would. I love that place with all my heart. I visit NYC every year and I always make my pilgrimage there. My favorite is always the Medieval hall.

  9. Those are the shots I would have taken at the Met, too - so glad you took them! Tempted too, by the generous branches of scented blossom at the entry level. What with all that and the Bonnard as well, it is just pure pleasure.....


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