Monday, April 14, 2008


We are on our way back to Morocco so this blog is essentially on hiatus.
The Marrakech blog is here.
We spent two days in England because you have to change planes somewhere.
Since we were staying in Surrey, we decided to take a nice healthy walk on a Saturday morning.

We set off down a tree -lined lane full of primroses and cowslips and come upon a modest little house.
Behind it are some extravagant red-brick barns with tile roofs.

As ever, we admire the livestock.
Robert says, "Those are rather small horses."
Liz replies, "Ponies." Hm.........

We head upwards towards the downs and the weather looks 'changeable'.
ie : it is about to pour with rain any minute.

Lovely dramatic clouds. It is getting colder and windier.

The views are stunning. We get very wet but then walk into town and get hot soup for lunch.
By that time the sun is out.


  1. What a change in scenery for you! A study in contrasts, for sure.

  2. Lovely scenery. LOL! I would have called them small horses, too... haha! Okay. Ponies. ;-)


  3. Hello Elizabeth,
    I liked seeing these Surrey photos on your New York site! I have often visited a friend whose cottage is not too far from Dorking, so know a bit of Surrey and how the weather can change.
    It's so funny how your New York pictures are all angles and shades of grey, and then ... when you arrive in Marrakesh, those lovely colors appear and the composition of the pictures alters! I do love New York, but would give the edge to lovely Marrakesh in the visual competition.

  4. Is it really the New York scenery wonderful and very nice

  5. So much charm in this walk!


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