Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Columbus Circle

I had never been to a shopping mall in New York before - department stores, little stores, markets - bu never an actual mall. Anyway, recently went up to the shops at Columbus Circle and was very impressed by the view.

It was a fabulous photo op - very chic and crisp and urban.

See the taxis and the escalators and the people eating!

See Columbus up high and the wintry trees!

What vast Botero figures!

Very bold indeed. (There is female one on the right).

Lots of views of extra modern buildings

with a little bit of an old one in-between. And yes, I did buy an elegant cardigan and a top at the mall which was choc-full of expensive stuff and rather overwhelming.

So I looked semi presentable when I went toValley Stream to talk about bringing joy back into teaching writing to some poor tired teachers...

This last photo -quite different in mood - was taken on Valley Stream railroad station after said talk.


  1. Well I learn something ever day. I would have thought malls were in the suburbs in NYC. And, a Botero in the mall. How very NY chic.

  2. thanks for the lovely views of Columbus circle...I'm sure you did indeed look tre chic!

  3. Gosh what a contrast between those photographs - all so interesting.
    Bet you looked a million dollars in that cardigan.

  4. I like Donna would never think of a mall in NYC but my goods what a beautiful mall.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  5. Elizabeth, your photography talents have captured my workplace with great elan.

    I also like the moody quality of that final outdoors photograph.


  6. Oh What a delicious group of photos! You live in a very interesting world, Ms. Wix!


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