Saturday, November 7, 2015

Florence: File Under "Sometimes Other Places"

One of the things one goes to Italy for is to eat - and also to look at things to eat...

Herewith my first hot chocolate at Milan Station - with all the frisson of 'being abroad'.

The first day we wandered through the market near via de Macci and saw porcini mushrooms

and clementines

and pomegranates

and glittering fish.

Not to mention persimmons....

and artichokes.

On the other side of the Arno I had another hot chocolate.

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  1. Oh the beauty in simple pleasures.

  2. Looks amazing. You are having such a wonderful trip.
    Love your photos

  3. Wonderful photos to inspire my desire to revisit Italy!

  4. Elizabeth, i want to see many, many more of your photographs of food and other treasures you all saw in Italy. Everything that you've shown us here is delicious.


  5. My comment didn't post.
    It was incredible.... hahahahahahaha
    But I think I said something about how much I loved a post starting and ending with wonderful
    whipped cream and chocolate.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. delicious post! I spent three weeks in Firenze in my younger days, loved it! Lots of adventure there and it is said that if you lived there for five years and went out to a different place every day all day, you would not be able to see it all.So glad you got away and I hope the sun shone for you. Looks like Sir Buster Britches was well cared for.

  7. The hot chocolate makes a good picture but I am not a cream fan so order me a cappuccino instead.


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