Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Metropolitan Museum and Knickerbocker Hotel

What a painter, what energy, what verve - how very theatrical!

How the contemporary onlookers look so deadly dull.

A splendid Henry James afternoon in Venice. How the figures are disposed in light and dark.

Most of the visitors were between sixty and death

and fun to observe.


Nice to see lots of the paintings that are so famous gathered together in one place. I enjoyed this show more even than the over the top wonderful Chinese fashion one.

We had been waiting for The Knickerbocker Hotel to reopen on 42nd Street. Times Square is not really the part of New York I most enjoy  - tacky and touristy. However the hotel is wonderfully situated

to look down from the roof bar on the crowds below.

Then the bright lights come on

and the sun sets over New Jersey.

Indoors the bar is very chic and luxe.


  1. Elizabeth, if I ever do get over to see those Sargents (seem to remember he could not paint hands very well) I'll try to dress up a bit. Loved your description of views between 60 and death. I fit in there, in that last trimester.

    Love the views of Times Square from above. Could not quite pick out any of those painted ladies getting the recent publicity.

    Even better was seeing you at the Farmers Market.

    Let's hope that today's splendid weather will carry on for a few more weeks. xo

    1. I must check the hands - one friend said he was good at them - and now you suggest not so good - so definitely have to LOOK!
      I think hands are impossibly difficult which is why we admire Durer.
      Lovely seeing you.

  2. What a wonderful show to see.
    I am such a fan of Sargent.
    When Boston had the Summer or Year of Sargent, I was able to get tickets to the Museum and find all of his art pieces all over the area.
    I adore your photos in the galley. Reminds me of Roberts paintings.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Wonderful rooftop photographs Elizabeth.
    I often think at art exhibitions it is just as interesting watchers the viewers as it is looking at the paintings.

  4. I missed this exhibition when it was in London. Great to see your photos of it. Were you really allowed to take photos? Ver few galleries allow it in Britain. Museums are better for this.

    1. I particularly asked the attendant about photos since I hate getting yelled at! They said it was fine - thank goodness.

  5. Gosh, I love your love your photos of people studying the artwork, and the photos taken from the roof. I love those too.What a much better few of Times Square! xo

  6. As usual, I enjoy not only the photos but your commentary. My favorite for the day is "age sixty to death".


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