Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Ordinary

A tram goes past on Na Porici

In response to Frances and others yesterday - yes, I do rather tend towards recording the pretty bits - in the blog anyway.
I didn't go into shops much at all - since I was only there for a week. The one supermarket was rather like supermarkets anywhere. Gift shops ditto. I did not buy any Kafka t-shirts...
There were very few beggars and none of the gipsies I was warned about.
Most people dressed 'down' - none of the chicness of Vienna or Florence.

Herewith some of the ordinary-ish photos...

Restoration of an old building. Me trailing behind rest of family...

Splendid man-hole (person hole?) cover

and another.

Men at work...

More men at work with the man on the right making suggestions...

Up on the roof - a bit alarming.

Prague politician, Dan Hodek, who, so far as I can gather, is running for office since his picture is everywhere. RFS - of Czech heritage.

Ugly graffiti 

More ugly graffiti

 a concert I did not attend.

Dull rural railway station.

Wig shop.

My least favorite flower shop.

Laundry with artifacts from the olden days...

and an awful warning.


  1. Thank you very much, Elizabeth, for these additional views from Prague. Workers working, doing repairs on beautiful buildings, make for very good photographs.

    I like all of these photographs...hard to pick favorites.

    The man hole covers have wonderful designs. Nice to see your crew wandering down that narrow winding road. Uninspired flower shop tells suggests a story about its existence. The green railing and rose in front of the station house add a certain decorative lift.

    Sad to see the graffitti, and sorry you missed the Screamers concert. Yet, all this also adds to the flavor of an intriguing city.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing more about the trip. xo

  2. I happened on "About" the other day and glad to see it is back - and in Prague. Looked thru all the posts and as you say, a beautiful city - even the ordinary spots pretty good!
    Love, L.

  3. Wonderful. I like the graffiti one best. x

  4. Love the manhole cover and the uninspiring flower shop as well as all the beauty you captured.

  5. I've just thoroughly enjoyed visiting all of your recent posts Elizabeth - wonderful! and, I had just left a rather long comment and didn't even realise that my ISP had chucked me off!
    Great to catch up with you anyhow.

  6. I love these street shots!! The photo of the wig shop is fantastic!! It's nice (or not so nice!!) to see NYC isn't the only place dealing with graffiti. Not so good to look at but makes a great photo. : )

    ~ Wendy


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