Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Walk by the River: Prague

One of the pleasures of visiting a foreign city is merely wandering aimlessly around. These pictures were taken the Castle side of the Charles Bridge. 

We did not take a boat trip despite the spiffy uniform of the crew member. We did not attach a lock to the fence by the river.

We did observe the creepers turning fall-like

and the poor statue who had lost half her face

and the statue of calm and tranquillity.

The Charles Bridge in the distance.

A  fine day for walking

seeing reflections of willow branches rather Corot-like

and the closed up picnic umbrellas.

More of the same 

and more reflections.

We are now back in New York...


  1. Oh, I do hope I go to Prague one day.

  2. A lovely day for walking as you say - and also, by the look of your photographs, a lovely day for taking them. It is a city I would love to visit and you have made me wish to go even more.

  3. I'm sure there's lots of people will be happy to see you home Elizabeth, especially the hairy one with 4 legs!
    Love the images but the very first one is nothing short of brilliant, it speaks!

  4. Those locks are amazing! Wonderful photos Elizabeth of such a beautiful city.

  5. Elizabeth, there is something about walks along a riverside, or an oceanside, that seems to call to my soul. Seems as if it calls to others' souls, too.

    The water, the reflections, the shoreline's curves, and a certain pace that walking gives all adds to what our human brains can absorb and enjoy.

    It's grand to learn that such walks can be done on the beautiful riverside of Prague. I imagine that lots of writers and artists have been inspired by these sights over the centuries.

    If I'd seen this post before seeing you in person this afternoon, I'd definitely have had much to tell you. Prague is very intriguing.


  6. What a wonderful walk.
    Very beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. You too us all on a wonderful trip with you the photos were a delight.

  8. Welcome home!! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful photos with us. I feel like I've taken a vacation right along with you!! : ) I hope you're enjoying this blustery day in New York!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  9. Thank you, Elizabeth, I thoroughly enjoyed following your meanderings about Prague! As always, I love your way of captured the essence of a place, with images that are far from the "always same" tourist mode.

  10. Oh for a walk like that in that place. It feels serene through your lens and words.

  11. So they are doing the padlock thing in Prague now too as well as Paris?? Enjoying your photos as the are different to mine as when there in the early 90's.


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