Sunday, September 7, 2014

City and Right Angles

Quite enough pictures of the beach when we live in the city where we occasionally venture  out. Here a Bellini cart...not the artist, the drink. Who knew how many kinds there could be? The decor is quasi industrial - exposed pipes and all that.  We had brunch at the Quality Italian - odd name, odd menu, odd service... if the waiter said, "You got it!" one more time I'm not quite sure what I would have done. Anyhow...

went over to our friend's apartment and looked down at the traffic in serried ranks

and more spread out.

Home via the Flatiron Building which must have been quite extraordinarily impressive when first seen. A thunderstorm threatens.

In the evening (big social weekend!) we go up to another friend's roof  - the other side of the street  from where we live  - and see the Empire State Building from a different angle. It seems more distant and magical than in our familiar view. 

The moon rose behind the grasses on the roof and #300 manages to look castle-like.

In the morning

the clear light of a post-thunderstorm morning reveals metal on metal

 squares and right angles

and weeds managing to thrive in spite of it all.


  1. Oh my! Your city is better looking through your eyes and camera than any others. The little toy cars look like a child's set up. The flat iron building is really quite amazing! Love the night photo! All of that with your little camera? GREAT!

  2. Some amazing photos, you are certainly a very talented photographer.

  3. Yes the Flatiron is STILL amazing. The angle and the background of your photo make it even more so. The night shot with grasses is magical.

    Weeds can remind us that people may come and go but Nature will continue on as long as people don't totally destroy our Big Blue Marble.

  4. Elizabeth - your photos bring into my living room something so very different from our life here (and they also bring back nice memories), keep posting them.

  5. Wonderful, stunning pictures, Elizabeth! Love all them! :)

  6. I always imagine you exploring the city with your camera in hand, perhaps a little more curious because it's there - an extension of your eyes. Thanks! xo

  7. Elizabeth, I very much admire how you've captured some of this city's angles. Aren't there a lot? Isn't it grand to have Broadway doing its hypotenuse thing as it crosses the perpendicular midtown street gric, and to look up at the buildings that honored that plain geometry with a bit of solid 3-D geometry?

    And to have some trees, shrubs, flowers etc. softening all those angles.


  8. Fantastic photos!! I especially love the shot of the Flat Iron building!!! So wonderful!!!! Have a great rest of your day!! : )

    ~ Wendy


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