Monday, September 29, 2014

City and Country

The city is always chic in black and white.

The view from near Macy's

the view from London Terrace at night

the back stairs in a building in Soho

and on the bus.

Last weekend we had the last gasp of the beach

I went swimming - that's me on a float in the Long Island Sound.

Back in the city, the market at Union Square brings the country in to us...

even the bittersweet.

 Squash and pumpkin season is upon us.

Very mixed feelings about this!

Pears are in season. The year turns to fall!


  1. Loved the black and white photos, gives everything a whole new dimension.

  2. Yes indeed, Elizabeth, NYC looks particularly iconic in black and white. Your photos have got me thinking about classic films.

    However...I can also attest to the colorful glory of the crops currently on offer at the Farmers Market. Everything sings out...Take me home!


  3. Interesting comparisons here Elizabeth.
    Love those pumpkins - Hallowe'en will be here shortly (it is also my birthday so I doubly enjoy it)

  4. Love the dappled pumpkins ! They are so beautiful. I have never seen any like this before.
    As always i so enjoy your photo walks that you so kindly take us along on.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Great photos! I like them all, especially the London Terrace and the gathering of squash and pumpkins. Autumn is usually nice but I will SO miss summer when she's gone.

  6. Great post - good mix - you've captured it.

  7. Stunning photos as ever. Hard to think that Autumn is upon us.


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