Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Union Square

 I haunt Union Square in the same way some people might go to pubs or car showrooms or department stores.

I pursue the natural and seasonal and things that won't last long like... 

the slightly tired peonies with their debutantes-after-the-dance limpness...

  the pretty field daisies

and the last-of-the-season lilacs.

Such pretty chive flowers! A long conversation with the chive farmer while sheltering with Frances from a sudden downpour. I said I thought you had to remove the flower heads. He said you should break them apart and sprinkle them like confetti on salads. Who knew?
Which brings me to the currently super-popular edible flowers.

To be honest, they photograph better than they taste. (Thanks to Lisa Lewicki Hermanson for telling me how pretty things look shot through plastic!) Can't remember what this is.

Or this  - though you can eat it.

Nasturtiums are peppery and a little goes a long way.

Years ago there were sugared real violets - here pansies.

Photogenic cilantro

and more pansies.

A little pansy print approximately life-size.


  1. "I haunt Union Square in the same way some people might go to pubs or car showrooms or department stores."

    Kindred soul, methinks.;-)

    Lovely, lovely images. Wished I was there with you!


  2. Wasn't that a fun afternoon, Elizabeth!

    Your photographs, with and without plastic, are fabulous, as are your words. Debutantes and peonies, for example.

    Maybe some day Merisi might take the Union Sq. walk about with us. With or without umbrellas.


  3. I just love this post. Everything about it. It is balm for my soul today. I so need a day like this.
    I did not know that about chive flowers
    Even somewhat wilted I would have asked for a peonies bloom to put in a glass and enjoy even for a day.
    They are one of my favorite flower beside the violet.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I agree with Frances - your narrative is quite oft as delightful as your images Elizabeth!

  5. So beautiful images!
    Wished I was there with you too!

  6. Love the edible flowers. I grow some of those and rarely think to eat them. Must have a try!

  7. Please continue to haunt Union Square - I love mmy 'fixes' of life in N Y!

  8. Me too Pat! Thanks for another lovely taste of NY Elizabeth. I've missed your blog over the last few weeks.

  9. @ Frances:
    I sure hope so! :-)

    Demel here in Vienna still sells candied violets, in a pretty box that is also still handmade.

    I remember a candy shop in Rome that made candied violets. They arranged them like a flower bouquet, with the help of fine wires and paper leaves. The store was at the same square as the headquarters of the IL MESSAGGERO daily. Last time I went back I could not find it anymore.

  10. Love the pics!! Since my husband works right next to Union Square I'll have to point out that there are lots of wonderful flowers he could be buying me while on his lunch break. : ) Have you checked out the new Dairy Queen yet? I heard on the radio that people were lined up the night before the Grand Opening. LOL!! Only in New York!!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy


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