Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Robert Moses Beach Day of the Year

Finally got to the south shore of Long Island early in the morning on an overcast day.

The sea was gray.

Very few people were there - a father and son were fishing.

The dunes were looking battered and ratty - much worse, oddly, than after hurricane Sandy. Parts were taped off for birds' nests.

Much more darker sand was visible than usual.

The beach itself was much altered - a much more pronounced difference than in previous years. Nice to have a sand bar an an inlet for paddling.

Big ridges in the sand.

Lori heading back towards where we had left the picnic things.

By the time we left in early afternoon, things were looking much more normal.


  1. What a difference an hour or two makes!

  2. Oh how I wish I lived by the sea. I enjoyed your pics.

  3. Loved the photos - especially the almost empty beach with father and son fishing, and the sand ridges one! Jean

  4. Those ridges in the sand make for beautiful photos. I think I preferred it all moody but not so good for sunbathing I suppose. x

  5. We hear so much about Long Island over here Elizabeth, its a treat to view beautiful images hot off the press so to speak. Just lovely!

  6. PS: Gray and beige with just a hint of blue always marry up and mingle so beautifully!

  7. Elizabeth, I like your early morning views of the shore line and the ocean very much.

    Beaches full of people definitely do not interest me.

    Isn't it odd, therefore, that I live in a city full of people, and even make daily rides on the crowded subway trains.

    Doesn't quite add up.


  8. The camera sure does love beaches! I enjoyed a look at the beaches on your side of the country - thank you! And may you have many more enjoyable days on your favorite beach.

  9. What a beautiful morning at the beach.
    How lucky for you that you have a lovely place like this to go to !

    cheers, parsnip


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