Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Planting....and a Workshop

I think, maybe, perhaps...it's about to be spring. There are tulips in Union Square and it only snowed a very few flakes yesterday.

So, things are getting going

with pussy willow

and strange pussy willow

not to mention the herbs. These were behind plastic the other day but looking very thrilling. So this morning I ventured up to the roof...

to discover that  some parsley and chives, mint and rosemary had all survived the horrid long winter. So making plans to augment what's there. The city from the roof reminded me of Henry's city below (with the dinosaur looking rather trapped.)

Henry fed the animals with real strawberries

and Gretchen looked at the world from a different angle. So, as well as planting plants, I'm working on planting and growing ideas. I'm teaching  Writing for Artists and Others: A Gentle Introduction at Little Bird Studios in May and June. It's open to everyone and should help people who've always wanted to write ( but felt daunted) to discover what fun it can be!* (Details below this post!)

My friend Margaret has the most beautiful china and she was given the wonderful flowers. Somehow yellow and blue are a perfect spring song.

Writing for Artists and Others: A gentle introduction...

  • Price: $135.00/per person
  • Little Bird Creations Presents:
     A New Workshop from Elizabeth Wix
    "Writing for ARTISTS and Others: A gentle introduction"

    An (almost) weekly workshop that will last for 4 weeks/meetings
    Thursday Evenings 6:30PM-8:30PM
    $135 for entire series
    Occuring on the following dates:  May 23rdMay 30thJune 13th & June 20th
    **Please do not register for this class if you are unable to commit to all 4 dates**

    Brenda Ueland said,
    “Everyone has something interesting and important to say.”
    This four week writing workshop will reveal to beginning writers the joys of both poetry and prose with a view to enhancing our lives....and art work! I have lots of experience of working with people whose high school English instructors were crushing rather than encouraging. At Little Bird, that won't happen!

    Week 1: General Introduction to Workshop and then, Poetry
    I will offer the students starter ideas and models to jump start their own writing.
    Lots of exercises and examples to get the creative juices flowing......
    As artists we look at the world --as people and poets we hear, smell, touch and taste it too. Letting sense images enrich our words.

    Those who want to share their words will be encouraged to do so; no one will ever be forced to read aloud! Many people enjoy having others give feedback, but we totally respect some people's need to be private.

    Week 2:  Memoir
    What a rich store of memories each of us hold within us!
    I will offer brief examples from wonderful memoirs (for example Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales) and starter topics to help us bring to life and share vivid memories from our past.

    Again, there will be class discussion and critiques. I'm happy to read your work
    at home privately and give you feedback if you prefer not to read in class.

    Week 3:  The Short Story

    Have you ever wondered what it is that makes a good short story tick?
    Here I'll reveal the best way to catch your reader's attention.....and hold it.
    We'll learn how to use dialog to reveal character.
    Some simple exercises to get your story underway.

    Week 4:  The Mini Portfolio
    and pulling it all together.
    This last week we'll discuss what we have learned so far and I'll help you put together a mini-portfolio.

    Each workshop session will begin with a brief introduction by the instructor, then students will write on a chosen topic or topics after which we will break to discuss anything that arises. We will also have a snack!

    Those willing to share their work will read excerpts to the group who will discuss the strengths of the piece in question. (No one will ever have to share work!)

    There will be homework for those who want it and none for those who don’t!

    Elizabeth will be happy to read and make suggestions on any writing arising from the class. She promises that her critiques will be encouraging rather than critical.
    At the final session the instructor will explain how to incorporate your words into art journals and other art pieces or self-publish a book suitable for friends and family.

    Class requirements/Supplies:
    Paper and pencil or pen. An eraser! We are very low tech.

    You may use a tablet or laptop computer if you prefer.

    The instructor:
    Elizabeth Wix Schmid, a creative writing teacher with over 30 years experience teaching both adults and adolescents is the author of The Three Graces (Soho Press 1989), Jane in Winter, and A Fortunate Child. Formerly an art critic for Newsday, she now writes and blogs in Manhattan where she lives with her husband and dog. Her workshop called THE NEED TO TELL STORIES with Roxanne Evans Stout and Seth Apter (March 2013) was her first experience at Little Bird Studios --and a wonderful one too.

    Contact Michele Luxenberg


  1. Aw darn, your work shop is too far for me to walk there in the evening...You could offer one online and I reckon many would sign up...I am loving the pussy willows! And of course I am loving Henry and Gretchen- the city is no match for dinosaurs, you know!

  2. I would come were I in your city! Love the view from your roof; so different from ours.

  3. What perfect Spring pictures Elizabeth. We can do with them here as we have twenty centimetres of snow and it is still snowing and there is a bitter easterly wind blowing. Wish I could come on that course.

  4. Daffodowndillies look pretty, I like the tulips too. Thanks for the Spring colors.

  5. Your blue skies and spring flowers cheer me up. So cold and grim in London still. Good luck with the workshop - I do wish I was close enough to attend!

  6. Best of luck with the workshops.

    Your grandchildren are growing fast, they keep us young don't they?

  7. Ah, the tulips... As you saw at my place, I had to have some of those too, even just from the florist! ;o) Lovely to see the floral beauty and blue skies... and not least the sweet babies too! WOW... your course sounds wonderful, Elizabeth! I wish I weren't so far away...LOL! BUT yes, have you considered offering an online course? Happy Easter weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

  8. Your photos are gloriously springlike Elizabeth.And I just adore the blue plates.

  9. Your class sounds really fun! Those daffodils are beautiful! I'm going to pick some up for my Easter table. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I love your flowers and the children's play!

    Wished I could come to your workshop! Maybe one day, online?

    Happy Easter to you and yours,
    and may spring take over the reigns from winter for good,


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