Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Essouira to Sidi Ifni

Over the past fifteen years we have travelled through most of Morocco, but had never been very far south on the Atlantic coast.

These are some of the pictures taken on the coast road. 

A quite plain little village.

Cactus and rolling hills --and very little traffic.

Another small village

palm trees and reeds and the sea in the distance......

Ah, a beach at last!

Then finally Sidi Ifni, a Spanish colonial outpost only returned to Morocco in 1969, with rather splendid art deco buildings. Julia, more about Ifni  here  (the Morocco blog).

The splendid town Hall.


  1. Love the first shot ~
    enjoy your stay!

  2. gorgeous.....love Essaouira and would love to take a road trip further.....feel my envy!!

  3. Truly a mediterranean climate, yes?

  4. Brilliant - thanks so much for this. i agree about first image - delightful. Hamam?

  5. That blue you see everywhere is just the absolutely right colour for the place isn't it?

  6. It's that blue again on the town hall! What a beautiful place. Great roads too....clear and flat. Wonderful evocative images as ever.

  7. Hello Elisabeth ,

    I am going to Taroudan in a few days and I loved all your comments and great photos. Very inspiring and personal, as ever. xx Francisca from Paris.

  8. Wow what an incredible trip! I can't imagine going somewhere like that, but I'd like to try!

  9. Beautiful and not the scenery I'd imagine for Africa. What a brilliant vacation!

  10. Interesting country! Your photos show it very nice.

    Though I do not write a blog now, continue following yours! :)

  11. Lovely photos! Nice views.


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