Monday, September 26, 2011

San Gennaro, Little Italy

The Feast of San Gennaro is always fun in an overwhelming sort of way. All these photos taken on Mulberry Street.

Lots and lots of tasteful t-shirts

and piles and piles of sausage and onions and peppers

and gelato.

Here the sugar is about to be sprinkled on the fried batter. 
Flour sugar and grease. Impossible not to like.

How very RED everything is!

These vendors are a bit more low key. I think they are selling nougat.

Betty Boop looks more willing to help.

As well as all the food, there are games to play. The prizes would delight a five year old.

The central character in the  cigar shop window is really rather alarming.

I think he might have jaundice.

So we decide to sit and have lunch.

It would not be wise to steal this young man's snacks.

Caffe Roma for dessert

which is a respite from the swirling street.

We end on a sweet note.


  1. Great images!
    I wanna be there, Elizabeth! :-)

    Do you know that Italian drugstore (or whatever it is, a frippery of things Italian and old stuff, including falling apart newspapers and lost and found keys that never got picked up), I think it is at the corner of Mulberry and has a thick layer of dust on the goodies in the shop windows? Statues of St. Mary, stovetop coffee makers, and the like .... ;-)

  2. ack !
    I am so hungry now ! Everything looks so good.
    I love when you take us along on your trips around the city.

    I adore Pignoli cookie but hard to find in Tucson. Thank goodness my Daughter makes a wonderful vegan Pignoli cookie that I adore.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. That was a great day! So much fun Bellissimo! I gained about six pounds reading this post...thank you very much!

  4. Haha...tasteful t-shirts. Isn't that an oxymoron? I'm so glad you go to all these fun events and share the fun. I'll take a double order of flour, sugar and grease, please!

  5. Fun! Been years since I went to San Gennaro in New York! Thanks for the memories!

  6. Great pics! Cafe Roma looks divine. I was very sad this past June when we walked through Little Italy and I wasn't hungry. At that point in our vacation we were out of time and our stomachs were out of room : )

  7. It's always good to end on a sweet note! The pignoli cookies are beckoning to me.

  8. Oh Cafe Roma! You are reminding me of many visits there, and making me wonder why I have not visited recently (recently being perhaps within the past ten years or so.)

    Must make a note.


  9. Oh how I long to traverse the streets of New York again, but for now I can live vicariously through you. Thanks, Elizabeth!

  10. Enjoyed the images.No, haven't been to New York, yet. Keep fingers crossed.

  11. Cardiologists must be busy in that section of the city.

  12. Nice shots! Didn't go this year, but last uear we had fun and made entire video documentary about it that´s still being edited by one extremely slow editor... But it was fun.


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