Friday, August 13, 2010


Rather retro man and boy made of reflective stuff 
in the window of Brooklyn Industries. Much too much going on
and rather too much of looking like things for fall. Oh dear!

On 22nd Street, the poor weed got incorporated into
the tagging. Plant graffiti.

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  1. omg!
    First, let me say I love your blog, because I long for New York with every fiber of my being...Second, the thought that hit me with the plant was, that it is mint, one of our sacred medicines, and also that someone has "peed their paint" all over it. It was ironic beauty for me. Commenting on the differences in the two worlds I straddle.
    Thanks for your amazing blog.

  2. Fun photo with the washing line amonst the sophisticated buildings.

    The cottage by the way is just on the left before going into Ongar from the south.

  3. Fall is not coming! Summer forever!

  4. I do not even want to thing about fall!!!:) The second one shows that the nature will survive

  5. Yes, a lot going on in that window. It looks like it's raining on the guys but the clothes are still hanging out to dry. Hehe.

    I saw a logo for 100% wind power in the lower left of the window. Are there big windmills in The City? There are several miles of those big three-armed monsters on a windy hill near here.

    Shame on the plant painters and, yes, summer forever!

  6. I love the reflective cut out guys, clever thing to do with that material. City plants have to take it with the rest, I guess.

  7. Nonetheless, a marvelous collage effect!


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