Monday, August 2, 2010

Never a Dull Moment


....they are doing construction on the corner of 10th Avenue and 23rd Street. A worker wobbles on the perilous first things to do with beams. However, a giant inflatable rat lurks nearby. A sign that some of the construction is being done by non-union labor.

But the tiny speck of the moon hovers over the high line as I walk to the dog park.......

....through the ranks of picketers who are pretty friendly and like Buster. This chap, taking a little break, is a splendid piece of Americana --  his Japanese bike adorned with the American flag and a t-shirt that is an artwork in itself.

So, here is the little garden. The man with his foot on the railing is a sound effects guy. Yesterday morning they were shooting a movie pretty early. A yellow taxi was planted slap in the intersection of 8th Avenue and 23rd Street. A stunt driver gunned the engine of an SUV right by the little garden, accelerated, drove amazingly fast and BAM !

"Bet, he's got a headache," the sound guy said of the stunt driver.
I asked what the film was and it sounded like an action one.
Here are six of the several million people working on the movie.
Apparently the police got several 911 calls about the stunt crash which was pretty terrifying.

There is a giveaway at The World Examining Works  ( my other blog) in conjunction with photographer Susanna Gordon . Check it out.


  1. oh my what joy to get a little taste of NYC......10 years later I still miss living there like mad, I started on 27th between 7th and 8th avenue and ended up in the west village, around the corner from caffe Vivaldi a glimpse of which I saw in the new Woody Allen movie......must start saving up for a visit soon...

  2. Sounds amazing hear the director of the film says action!

  3. I have seen the rat, Elizabeth! Missed the film shoot tho. Was the BAM a part of the scene, I wonder. All nice shots of the various goings-on in NYC!

  4. Wow - more excitement in your neighbourhood in one day than there is here in a season!

  5. Lights , camera, excitement! what a way to wake up!
    The bike and Irish guy is hilarious- There is a lens for cameras that is not really a lens but has a mirror and hole in one side for taking candid shots without the subject knowing- would be great for travel where it might be rude to take photos of people...


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