Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking Towards the Hudson at Night

Blogger seems to have altered the way you compose things --and , needles to say, I'm confused.
The light is always fascinating when it's almost dark, 
or dark at street level, but the day remains suspended in the sky.

I'm not quite sure what is behind the colored windows.
 The cage thing on the left is a golf range down by Chelsea Piers.

An advertisement for a vast U-Haul storage place. Storage is a huge business here in Manhattan since people both move a lot and also acquire all sorts of things that would clutter their often small apartments. Space is the thing people long for here more than anything else.

Lots of little vans you can hire to haul all your either useful or useless stuff around the place........

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  1. Where is the location of this place ?

  2. I wonder how cold it is going to be. I would love to visit N Y during summer or spring as I am California and never experienced that cold.

    Thank you

  3. U.S.A is amazing I have to say. When people can't go to work due to excessive snow during winter,we Californian go out on a picnic.


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