Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Strange Phenomena

This morning I saw this lone glove on the railings near where I live.
I'm not sure whether anyone will ever claim it.

This appeared last week in the same place.
 Is it a sort of sign language? Is there a message to the universe?

Last year someone documented all the lost, lone gloves of New York.
I will keep you posted when others appear at this location.
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  1. elizabeth, single gloves are often found in the halls, stairwells, and on the playing field at my school. we wonder what happened? where is the other single glove? did the kid not know? i wonder this when i walk down a street and see single gloves in the roadway, ground into the slush, or like these images here, decorating a railing. cool pics. steven

  2. Wish I was there to lend you a hand.


  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Check out my blog post on Jan. 17, 2009. While visiting my niece in N.Y.
    Lost gloves. ("Great minds")- Your photos are so much better than mine, though. I always love your photography. I sure love Buster, too.

  4. Wow! Please do keep us posted! I love the mystery behind it. Lost gloves fascinate me. My grandma lost a glove on her wedding day and claims her bad luck was a product of that lost glove.

  5. Locally, a collection of single shoes found along road sides was entered in the fair as art and won the blue ribbon!

  6. Far more interesting than the lone gym shoes in the street. My thing is losing sunglasses. I always lose the entire pair though.

  7. Gloves on the fence- such a great shot! After snow melts I find all sort of stuff, this year, however , we only had about two weeks of snow. I have many mismatched pairs of gloves that i wear to walk the dog, all from lost in the snow mishap. Funny, too, that I thought you had abandoned this blog for the other! Now I have some catching up to do...

  8. what a great post... love the pics... maybe it's a kind act to keep the homeless warm....

    Bundle Up!

    Freezing in Florida.
    :D Lynda


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