Saturday, January 16, 2010

23rd Street

Tax time approaches and the dog is astounded.

The guitar shop next to the Chelsea Hotel.
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  1. elizabeth i want to go in that guitar shop. i can smell it, feel it, i can imagine the people working inside. shop fronts like that call to me. i wish it was possible to encourage town planners to set standards for storefronts that allowed for a degree of creativity beyond rectangles filled with intense lighting. have a lovely ny day. steven

  2. Tax time... Ugh!!! Guitars on the other hand, I love! And play, although I haven't played in quite some time.

  3. Love this picture; the matching outfits! Which tax firm gets this creative? I'd love to have matching outfits with someone (anyone!). The Chelsea Hotel? You live near there? Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell (a fellow Canadian) comes to mind. Wasnt this Andy Warhol's (and Edi Sedgewick) and other great artists still create from this locale. Is there a lot still "happenin'" there? Any new art movements popping out of NY, NY? Love going to the MOMA and Met Museum of Art when in NY NY. Also the Frick. What a groove place to live, lucky you!

  4. I have enjoyed catching up on your NY blogs, they give my Newyorkitus, a condition which can only be cured by a visit. I love to wander around the streets imagining city life.


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