Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Windows on 9th Avenue

Yesterday afternoon, walking along 9th Avenue....

I admired all the shop windows...

decorated for the season.
This is the Barking Zoo where they have all sorts of toys for pets.

The florist's wreaths are very lovely...

 and the amyrillisses  astound.
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  1. love this banner!


    no snow*man
    on my florida lawn...........

  2. Did Buster especially enjoy the windows at the Barking Zoo?

  3. So lovely!
    I think I was most taken with the florist's window - so understated, and yet so rich and right.

  4. thanks for sharing they all look beautiful....Barb

  5. oh how i wish i had time to see these..vicariously through your walks as always--so pretty.
    how was your party saturday elizabeth? and will you stop down a nd say brighten my day as i am stuck thurs and fri on e. 4th and lafayette all day from 12 on at GIFTED. would love to see you while i am stuck in this work cycle. you can bring Buster!

  6. Thanks to bloglandia , we can share the most beautiful christmas wondows stores of the world !! Merci for sharing

  7. oh so very gorgeous especially the florist's wreaths . . . steven

  8. I've never been to NYC. How I'd love to go. Thanks for sharing pics with us of the windows at Christmas!
    Aloe Vera 101

  9. nice window shots. UR making me miss NY!


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