Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Visit to an Old House

I often go to Long Island to visit old friends

and revisit the past.
Something very comfortable, especially this season,
 in things known and traditional.

Things reflected in a silvered mirror....

silhouetted in a small window.....

and decorating a hutch.
Season's Greetings....


  1. You really captured the charm of the home - oriental rug, Victorian walnut table, wing back chair, probably all assembled and collected over time, as opposed to a designer setting a stage. Very warm and inviting!

  2. What a nice house! The silhouette in a small window is so lovely!

  3. Your friend's home looks so cozy! I adore cozy, older homes.

  4. I'm partial to the charms of older homes. Your friend's is a testimony to a life well lived.

  5. That house is a treasure. And don't you just love silvered mirrors...

  6. A lovely warm and inviting home! I expect tea in the drawing room and a formal dinner in the evening :)


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