Monday, June 12, 2017

Snapshots from early summer...

Suddenly it’s summer!

And very hot indeed - in the 90’s today. On Friday we sat up on the roof.

Today I walked up to Union Square where they were having some sort of promotion for Air France and the young girls were looking terrifyingly chic.

Such pretty mini-squash - to be photographed but not eaten.

I went home on the bus as it was too hot to walk.

The other day when my friend Jo was visiting from out of town, we had lunch at ABC Carpet, a most wonderful shop where they have lovely little flower arrangements all over the place.

They also have magical distressed mirrors.

This last photo is of a little ant who came downstairs with me from the roof where the nasturtiums and  lavender are flowering.


  1. Wonderful summer shots, I can feel the sunshine! We are still in winter most of the time. Today it is so. Yearning for sunshine!

    1. How are you? I’m neglecting blogging mostly. We no longer watch anything on TV except old movies. Sending lots of love.

  2. Love the glimpse of city life. We grew those white pattypan squash this year and grilled them. I have heard of that heat wave in NYC. Those are a regular event here in the summer, but the hottest days, in the 100's, usually wait for August.

  3. That last photo grabbed my heart! What a lovely combination scents - nasturtium and lavender - not to mention the gorgeous colors together.

  4. Exciting!!
    I am back blogging and can't believe that everyone is still here!

  5. I heard about your heat wave I hope it will cool off soon.
    We will be hitting 115 on Monday ! only 105 today, evening at 75.
    Stay in the shade.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish.

  6. Wish I was in N.Y.C. I miss it. Last I visit was in 09' This are beautiful pictures thank you for sharing. Just amazing..

  7. Always love your pictures of New York Elizabeth as they bring back great memories. The Air France girls very different to the old Air Hostesses. Amazing how the world over the girls are wearing the same hairstyles.

  8. The store ABC carpet has been mentioned by another blogger,hopefully I'll get to see it my next trip to New York


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