Sunday, November 20, 2016

Almost Thanksgiving and a Novica Giveaway....

So, as always much going on in New York  as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

The very last leaves on the trees on 5th Avenue

and amidst those very last leaves the holiday lights are going up.

I was chatting with the workmen who seemed very cheerful.

Decorating going on at the Blue Water Grill - ornamental cabbages are getting more exotic and some are like  palm trees. 

Such a very bright clear day at Union Square.

Picking out multicolored carrots for the Thanksgiving feast...

and the very last of the roses....

And this year's discovery HoneyNut Squash - as against HoneyNut Cheerios.

A view of the Empire State Building from a rather different angle -this time from Brooklyn.

And now for the $50 Giveaway from Novica. This is a company I have supported for many years - their lovely unusual gift and crafts come from all over the world. I especially love their silk scarves and unusual Thai paper goods. So go to their website and then write a comment here and I'll pick a lucky winner at random on Wednesday. 

 Pretty handmade paper....

and a gorgeous colored scarf.


  1. I always love your Holiday photo post so wonderful.
    The small amount of shopping I do it is Novica much like the UNICEF shop here in town.
    I feel I can find something small, nice and useful plus it helps the artist and families.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Yes, the holiday season is upon us. Hope all is well with you!

  2. What a wonderful site, I particularly enjoyed looking through the holiday ornaments. A generous giveaway. It was a joy to visit today you captured some wonderful shots.

  3. I won your Novica giveaway some years ago Elizabeth and had a super handbag - I use it still.
    What a glorious blue sky.

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  5. Now I have the holiday spirit. Lainey

  6. This is a great giveaway! I absolutely love Novica's silver earrings, although if I won I would get the sea turtle coasters.

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