Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer in the City

The Malibu Diner on 23rd Street is very popular with the lunch crowd.

It's reliably packed and fulfills your every diner dream. Quick service, huge menu, coffee refills

doggy bags, TV, vast portions

desserts wrapped in cellophane - lots of neon lighting.

Our nephew James, visiting from England, declared the Philly cheese steak "Excellent".

From the West Side to the East Side - and the physical to the historical and spiritual. Here are windows from the wonderfully restored Eldridge Street Synagogue where my friend Roberta is a docent. I spent a fascinating afternoon there.

It's really amazing that this landmark was so very nearly lost. 

The stained glass is especially lovely as is the contemporary rose window filled with stars by Kiki Smith. 

It pelted with rain last Wednesday when I was up at the corner of 23rd St and 5th Avenue. Flash flood warnings etc. I got drenched. It was rather fun.
On a more cheery note

there are lots of flowers and herbs on the roof terrace which make splendid tiny arrangements.


  1. Elizabeth, the vast variety of what you've shown us here about New York rises to that of the menu choices of the Malibu. Every pictures really does tell a story.

    Gosh this heat and humidity is a bit much. Glad to report that it seems as if part II of my summer cold has reached a conclusion. Back to work today to try my luch against the mighty air conditioning. I'll be wearing something stylish and wooly from the fall collection to fend off the chill.

    Hope to see you soon. xo

    1. Yup! TOO hot indeed.
      Quite batty how some places keep the AC at Arctic temperatures. Feel better soon.

  2. Alovely taste of NY in Summer Elizabeth - we have yet to have summer here. Cool and cloudy today.

  3. I hear you've been having a heatwave. Bet the rain was appreciated.

  4. I really want a Philly cheese steak now, and I've never even had one before in my life! Only ever seen them on Diners, Drive ins & Dives!
    Also want your rain. Send it here please!

  5. Your photos always make NYC look sparkling, clean, colorful and so desirable. The rain looks refreshing, another sparkling photo. So heartening to see that the building was not met with a jackhammer / ball/bulldozer. So beautiful.

    1. NYC is pretty nice lately on the whole.
      We do have our heartbreaking/infuriating selection of the sad, mad, and afflicted but this blog is not the place for them - but the city going through one of its better patches I think.
      So when are you coming to visit?

  6. This looks like my kinda place! ;) We were recently back in NYC for two weeks, visiting family and friends and to visit the new One Workd Trade Observatory and 9-11 Musem. Love the city but I was happy to come back to cooler and low humidity of Colorado.

    1. Yes, I loved your photos of New York on Instagram!
      The Malibu diner is fun - it has liver and bacon - which my husband hates and I love!
      Glad you are enjoying Colorado.

  7. Philly Cheese Steak Yes Please !
    It looks so wonderful.
    Notice food was the first thing I commented on. hahahahahahahaha
    As always you post the most wonderful photos of NY. The Synagogue is beautiful and so spiritual.
    The lovely feeling just seem to emanate from your photos.
    I just finished your book about the house in Morocco. Now I must look up your area so I can get a better feel for where you lived.
    Quite a fun and interesting book. I love the way you set up the years by months. But at my age (health) my idea of roughing it is no chocolates on my pillows. I have camped out for my last time.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I've never actually eaten a Philly Cheese Steak - maybe I should try it?
      Morocco was a wonderful experience for us - and I'd go back in a heartbeat - but this time, I agree, we might want to take it a bit more easily! Thank you for reading about out little adventure!

  8. The Malibu looks worth checking out, thank you for the tip & the inspiration. I will be outside in my garden later to pick out a similar arrangement!


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