Friday, April 3, 2015

Ah! Flower Pits...

Since it is now April, spring is, eventually, arriving.
Time for the urban gardening season to begin,

Margaret and I head up to Union Square to reconnoiter and find splendid tulips

wonderful pussywillow spring crafts

and very strange decorative willow.

For some reason the bus looked springlike.

We bought lots of plants...

The next day, Margaret, Emily and I went up to The Flower District on 28th Street

and looked at more flowers

and lusted after hellebores.

Right round the corner on 6th Avenue all is urban indeed.

Some extra special primulas - that had been sold to someone else and we weren't allowed to have...


This is flower pit #1 - our final effort....
Will keep you posted.



  1. Happy Spring to you.

    I do enjoy your photos. One minute the hustle and bustle of a busy city, the next, peaceful and serene flowers.
    Hellebores are such glorious flowers. We finally have them for out garden this year, and I am very pleased about it too!

    Have a very lovely Easter.

    1. If I had a proper garden the first thing I'd buy would be hellebores! Lucky you.

  2. Spring stages its fancy flower show and regales us with splendid light, and you catch it all with perfect eye and timing!

    Happy spring and happy Easter to you and your loved ones,
    hugs, Merisi

  3. Beautiful flowers - love those tulips with a pinky/purple edge to them. Also those things made out of pussy willow. Your photos of NY always give me such pleasure Elizabeth.

    1. Hope you have a splendid Easter. Best to you and your husband.

  4. Isn't it grand to finally be able to see flowers growing outdoors...even better to actually be able to plant some!

    I agree, those primroses are very special, and the woven pussy willows are rather inspiring.

    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter. xo

    1. Definitely wanted to do pussywillow art - but restrained myself....
      See you very soon!

  5. I bet after the winter you have had that you are so happy to be out and about.
    No more snow to push through, beautiful flower to see and a tiny piece of earth to plant.

    Happy Easter to you all.
    woofs from The Square Ones.

    1. Happy Easrer, dear Parsnip and pats for the Square Ones

  6. Lovely of you to plant the flowers in the tree ring. I love pussy willow as it reminds me of my first efforts at flower arranging when I was 11 yrs old in England - pussy willows and daffodils for Mother's day gift. Another plant I miss here in drought ridden So Cal is forsythia. That seemed to be the first sign of spring in our English garden.

    1. We do have lots of forsythia in New York and on Long Island - except it's not out yet as we are having a very late spring. (I grew up in England too).

  7. You have a created a beautiful spring haven.

  8. I must admit I am envying your tulips and your pussywillows… they bring such fond memories of childhood springtimes...

  9. Dearest Elizabeth,
    I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!
    Thinking of you,

  10. That is a gorgeous spring corner you have created there! I do love the way spring comes even in the city.


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