Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Getting to Look a Lot Like...

Mid December and the days are getting shorter
and the dawn coming later...

The birds are enjoying the last red berries on the trees outside our building. (Top right is a blur of one flying away!)

I always like nice skeletal trees.

Bird and building...

Time for shopping - or window shopping anyway. Here is Myers of Keskwick, the English shop on Hudson Street bursting with cool stuff to eat - mostly chocolate!

An angel in the barber shop in London Terrace

and a swanky French shop in the same building.

This is Buster in Crate and Barrel - I like shops that let the dog in...

Anyway, he was very bemused by the faux forest creatures

especially the owl!

Some apples on a very old English plate. Sort of reminds me of home!


  1. This truly feels like Christmas.
    The first photos is lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Totally agree its definitely beginning to look like Christmas, love the plate with the apples.

  3. Yes, Christmas atmosphere..... I love your dog with the creatures .... funny !!!! Have a lovely week end !

  4. Oh Elizabeth, many thanks for these pictures and words that are helping me to catch hold of the Christmas spirit.

    The photographs of Buster and les faux are priceless. Do you think he's writing a note to Santa requesting one of these owls?

    Look forward to seeing you all soon. xo

  5. red berries do cheer one up, november has been exceptionally dark this year, the sun shone only 12h in helsinki the whole month!

    i don't dare to think what would happen if we took the dog to any store...but buster knows when to behave.

    belly rub for buster!


  6. Love your pix - as usual!
    The Quality Street was a tradition here for Christmas and Birthdays from my grandparents :)
    I colloct similar toadstools as in the window and....
    I also have many of those old English platters •●⊱╮
    Love Beatrice

  7. I must say that I try to avoid looking into windows full of chocolate. I bought the farmer and I a brandy truffle each yesterday to
    eat during the evening, then spent the rest of the night regretting it.

  8. Yes, looks like Buster thinks he found something to chase... and those apples ! Lovely.

  9. Beautiful photos, Elizabeth!
    It's great to see adorable Buster in the shop!
    I have an old English plate from my grandmother that looks like so much with that on the shop.
    Love your photos as always.


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