Tuesday, November 11, 2014

High Line by Night

Even though I live very near it, you haven't heard much about the High Line from me lately.
That's because in the immortal words of Yogi Berra - "Nobody goes there any more - it's too crowded." It's wildly and amazingly popular with tourists of whom there are alarming numbers - a mixed blessing. Super that New York is such a popular destination - and then the problem of tripping over them.

Anyway, last Thursday it was very mild and wet, so we set out.

I was mesmerized by the wet grass all glistening with damp

 and splendidly under-lit.

Looking down a very wet 25th Street

at our feet fall vegetation.

We tramp on

til everything comes under the sway of all the very tall new buildings that surround the new part of the park up towards 34th Street. So many changes in the past few years!


  1. I can just feel the weather.
    Thank You so much for taking us along on your walk.
    I like the twilight feel of the evening.
    The last photo is very magical especially as you turn the corner into the distance.
    I'heure bleue

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Stunning photos, you took us on an amazing walk. The last photo was exquisite a real delight.

  3. I always wish I had a chance to walk on the High Line Elizabeth - it is such a brilliant idea. No wonder tourists use it because it gives an unusual view of the city. Is that street really so badly surfaced as it appears to be in your photograph?

    1. Weaver: Yes, that street is really poorly paved - even though there are some very swanky art galleries on it.
      Very much over due to be worked on!

  4. I think you may be deleting that last comment! Anyway, I had no idea about the high line and will be investigating. What a great idea and great pictures of it obviously. x

    1. Thank you, dear Em. I did delete it!
      Th world is full of weirdos!
      Yes, the High Line is a wonderful idea for a park!

  5. OH thanks for sharing ! I went to NYC 2 years ago and i'll go again. Me and my husband we loved the High Line and it's good to see your pictures and feel this atmosphere ! Have a lovely sunday

  6. Your images of the High Line are true highlights!
    Have you tried to escape the crowds by walking there early in the morning? In my experience, tourists love to have leisurely breakfasts at the hotel and set out rather late to take over their destinations. ;-)

  7. What wonderfully shaped and colored leaves those are in the photo you titled "at our feet fall vegetation" - I really love that photo!

  8. Elizabeth, even though I don't think that I've taken a walk on the HL this year, I recommended just that walk yesterday to fellow passengers from London and Brazil while on flight over the Atlantic.

    See you soon. xo

  9. You have captured it all beautifully. There is talk of a garden bridge over the Thames here but as with all things, we will wait and see. The artists impression looks wonderful. Personally I would rather see another road crossing to ease the congestion.!

  10. You brought back memories for me of walking on the High Line...It's a great idea, repurposing urban architecture. There's been talk of making something similar here in Toronto. Fingers crossed!


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