Saturday, November 9, 2013

Seth Apter and The Mixed-Media Artist

It's always exciting when a friend's book comes out  - especially when people you know are featured in it.  Double excitement. So I rushed up to Barnes and Noble this morning and snapped up

the last remaining copy of the mixed-media artist: Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams From Over 40 Amazing Artists by my chum Seth Apter. (North Light Books). Seth's infectious enthusiasm, gift for friendship, and acute attention to detail make this both a 'how to' book, a celebration of creativity, and...

the book features the work of Elizabeth Bunsen - one of the most creative people on the planet - who does magical things with all sorts of mundane objects -and

my husband, Robert Schmid, whose work is entirely different.


These are but two of the many artists who shared their work, techniques and dreams with Seth.  The book is such fun and so full of useful things and thoughts that it will make you rush out and do something wildly creative yourself. At least I hope so.

ps Seth will be signing copies of the book this evening FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15th at
 Ink Pad  7th Avenue at 13th St. See you there!


  1. how cool, and congrats i should say!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, congratulations!

    I shall put it on my Christmas list.


  3. what
    a lovely chum you are ewix
    just got my copy
    eager to come flirt
    with your husband
    smiling wide,

    xox - eb.

  4. So happy that both Robert and eb are in the book. Both of there creativity spills over the edge of the pages! And thank you Elizabeth for sharing your thoughts on the book!

  5. Elizabeth, I am going to be on the lookout for this book. Surely B&N will do a replenishment.

    Bravo to all involved. Robert's dream picture looks very good. It's an image I love holding in my memory.


  6. Can it be bought over here Elizabeth - I can think of a friend for whom it would be the perfect Christmas present.

  7. Isn't this the best!!! I knew of course that eb was in this wonderful book...but Robert too...

    head over heels
    you and he must be

    hope to get my hands on a copy

  8. I'm going to see if I can order it from Amazon. It looks wonderful!

  9. How exciting! Lovely to see your husband's work too. So pleased you're definitely doing this again, much as I love the other blog. x

  10. Very cool. Congrats on the special mention. :-)

  11. I am eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail. I was fortunate to be included in Seth's last book. I didn't know that Robert was being featured in this one. And eb. How exciting!


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