Monday, August 12, 2013

Gray Day in DUMBO

I hadn't been to DUMBO (down under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) for about ten years. Then, I bicycled there. This time I came on the subway.

Friday was overcast and gloomy. Everything in Dumbo was oversized, industrial strength and dramatic.

It's all been gentrified to bits -which is wonderful. Here I am under the bridge.

And more of the same.

How light the lofts must be!

Old tram tracks and cobblestones...

shouting out urban and gritty

and reflecting things

a restaurant swathed in vines

and an astoundingly fancy French patisserie. I need to explore further.


  1. love dumbo! did you walk back to manhattan? did you try jacques torres chocolate? that patisserie seems to have yummy selection...oh, i'm aching...

  2. Would love to visit NY one day- before I get too old! The bridge is impressive!

  3. Ahhh, Elizabeth, how that area has changed over the past decades. Since the "last century" in fact.

    I think that patisserie is the one a culinary knowledgeable friend of mine has recommended.


  4. Those pastries would civilize any environment.

  5. I would love to look out on that bridge view everyday.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Great photos, principally this one "Here I am under the bridge.".
    I did mine the comment of your friend Linda Sue: "Would love to visit NY one day- before I get too old!"

  7. Great cityscapes. You always bring back such well composed and interesting shots from your adventures.

  8. enjoyed seeing the sites since I have never been to New York
    hope to have a trip next April 2014 to long island and then into Manhattan

  9. Gentrified indeed....I'm sure that's not how it looked in all those 197's and 80's cop shows. Wonderful pictures. I love the reflection one best.

  10. LOVE the DUMBO! Wonderful photos, Elizabeth! Yes, you must go back... especially for the patisserie. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  11. The soaring elegance of the bridge is shown off beautifully as seen from this part of the Dumbo neighborhood, Elizabeth!

  12. Definitely lots more there to explore it seems, especially the pastries!!

    Just wanted to let you know I've purchased (finally) a copy of the Hare with the Amber Eyes and looking forward to delving into it soon.

  13. {{ you have
    The Best Adventures !! }}

  14. NICE Photos...I was ther ein an art show last year!
    So Cool!

  15. another great New York "story".
    thanks for sharing Elizabeth.
    ; )

  16. Your photographs are fantastic, Elizabeth - they give such a vivid feel feel for this unique place. I love the contrast with beautiful, summery Central Park in the previous post!
    Hope your renovations (?) are going well!


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