Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Weekend of Children

The Czech Festival on 83rd Street looked like a glimpse into old Europe.

Here the children are waiting to be entertained by the puppet master
--a rather terrifyingly tall man in a coat of many colors.

I really find puppets rather disturbing in general. The only specific character I recognize here is Pinocchio. The doctor looks John Malkovich . I see a devil, a woodsman and a count. 
(Also Harry Potter on the lower level.)

Cousins of Czech  (and all sorts of other)  heritage playing.

And Henry, looking rather pensive....


  1. I always love kid photos. Those youngsters are dressed in such wonderful colors.

    The Czech festival looks to be a great party. We had a Czech exchange student stay with us. Good memories of a very creative, athletic and well mannered young lady. You're right about the scary puppets.

    Henry may look pensive but he is also becoming quite handsome.

  2. Oh, I would have loved to be walking there with you... I love festivals !

    Henry may look pensive but very charming.

    Once when I was younger I saw part of a TV show and it had a puppet who was alive, too creepy. Ever since then I don't like puppets.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I love photos of children and these are beautiful.

  4. hey there Elizabeth!

    Lovely post and Henry is looking pretty adorable if you ask me....just like his grandmother :-)

  5. What a fun weekend! Maybe Henry wanted to play with the puppets...

  6. Nice blog... you seem like a very interesting woman! I'm looking forward to reading more.

    If you feel like browsing blogs, do come check out mine. I'm a documentary film maker, and I blog about the things I see that inspire me, or make me think.



  7. OH HENRY! all dressed in mooses! I love marionettes they are indeed creepy but that is part of the appeal.

  8. How wonderful!

    I'm afraid mine has been a weekend without children . . . so far.


  9. Lovely pics Elizabeth!! I specially like the first one. It's like your took a pic of a window into the past. The kids, the objects on the table, the lady.. everything. Only this world is in color. :o)

  10. Interesting. Reminds me of visit to Prague.
    Henry is gorgious.
    Lunch on way to Layer Marney Tower where we went before Colchester Castle and tea in Marks and Spencers as castle is in the High Street.


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