Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Museum of Natural History

A perfect choice for a rainy day. The place was positively seething with camp groups and tourists and New Yorkers.........

The African lions look so noble and regal. I think the male lion looks a little like Buster .....

The shell-man in a sort of burqua -- so utterly, mind-spinningly bizarre.
Can he really be called 'Mo' as his tie suggests?
 And his chum the straw-man (to his right) whose name we will have to imagine......

                                       So much to ponder and photograph.....

My mother-in-law once had a hat exactly like this one, but we lent it to Evan
 one Halloween and it hasn't
 been seen since.  I've  never had nearly so splendid to attach to my chin.


  1. Hi, Elizabeth-

    thank you for showing!
    I think there exist a film from this museum (in the museum at night- I don´t know the English name)- did you ever seen it- with Ben Stiller- my children love it.

    Great shots- as always :-)

    Enjoy your day, my Love-


  2. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon- those fancy dressed up folks seem very very patient...

  3. I am so happy to see the Museum being enjoyed !
    I also think the Lion looks like Buster. It is that noble stare and till of the head that they both share.

    Cheers, parsnip

  4. At least you know where the hat is now! Fun, as always, to see those movie backdrops from NYC through a "real" person's camera lens. Buster is just as handsome.

  5. Such wonderful pictures. They take me waaaaaaaay back to my childhood when we used to visit the museum at least once a year from Long Island. I haven't been there in ages.

    I particularly love the first photo -- all that movement on the stairs.

  6. It's a dream to visit here someday. Love the hat!!


  7. What great photos - it's wonderful to glimpse inside the Museum - thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment:)


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