Sunday, October 25, 2009


Fall color in the rain.
My main blog is now here
I'm going to be posting Halloweeny-type stuff on Friday 30th.
If you leave a comment, I'll post links on Thursday
 and maybe we can all wander round the blogs getting
 tricks and treats.


  1. hello elizabeth - coincidentally i was out looking at my hydrangea - dead-heading actually - and i noticed one or two blooms that had the last blush of autumn as i think of it. lovely. steven

  2. Something wistful and quite lovely about this photograph - perhaps its the yellow leaves and browning flower.

  3. Hi, Elizabeth! Your hydrangea mixes so well with all the autumnal glory here. Looking forward to your Halloween fun! Happy Week (HUGS))

  4. OK....I officially don't know where to visit you first.

    Wishing I could join you for that talk at the lucky girl!

  5. I love the trick or treating idea. I'll try to stop on by later.

    I'm a big fan of muted colors,I really like your hydrangea.

  6. Hydrangeas are among my favorites, partly because of how they turn bronze in the fall.


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