Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Glimpse of Scarlet

........and so this cop goes up to the cash machine......
you can make up your own joke here

Whenever the weather is nice, a group gathers on the benches in the little park at Penn South.

The little girl has a very New York backpack!

This is left over from last week's trip to the beach on Long Island but I liked the walker's costume.

Do you think this couple did this on purpose of was it merely a co-incidence?

People at bus stops naturally organize themselves into compositions.......


  1. Red, now that is an attention grabber. I almost never wear red but I love people who do.

  2. What an interesting post and super fun!
    On one trip to the UK and Italy I wore a red jacket and we shot "Where is Waldo" pictures, my children where younger then and loved "Finding Mum"
    I hid and peeked out from doors, statues, windows and trees ... I'm sure everyone thought I was crazy but I had fun and the pictures were a hoot.
    I wonder if today people would think me a bomber ?
    Thanks for helping me remember fun memories.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Fun combination of reds. I like all the walking. So many people are so in love with their cars that they won't even walk to the corner to visit their neighbor.

    Love the horizontal stripes on the couple. Both look fit enough to get away with widening apparel---but her SHOES. I'd hate to walk far in them.

  4. What a fabulous set of people images! Poor cop - surely they do combats in his leg length?

    I think my favourite is the older generation on the park benches, but the little girl's plaits are a wonder in themselves.

  5. I am always impressed with your pictures showing real life on the streets

  6. Wonderful- my dear- I had a similiar photo story in my blog with the color green- I called it "green day". It´s great, if you concentrate to one color- you see it everywhere :-) I love that!
    Hugs, Ines

  7. I like the way you catch these images Elizabeth.


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