Sunday, May 31, 2009

20th Street

I went out for a walk early yesterday morning
 in search of Shadows for ShadowShotSunday.

I peered through the iron railings into the gardens of the
 General Seminary
 where for a little while I was a volunteer gardener.
I looked at the other side of the street.

Morning light, railings. Yes, shadows there.

And the old roses on the Seminary railing......

And the leaves of the virginia creeper.

Shadows almost too intricate and complicated....


Leenie said...

Those golden hours of morning and evening give the most excellent shadows! I could almost smell the roses too.

Willow said...

The word ethereal pops into my head as I gaze at the railing shadows.

g said...

If one didn't know it, one would hardly guess this was NYC.

Maria said...

Beautiful pictures, magical, like in a fairy tale :)

Bee said...

I want to live inside these pictures! That is my ideal world, I think.

Our garden is pretty swell, too; the weather was just glorious this weekend. We ate almost every meal outside.

willow said...

Pretty shots! Those pale pink roses on the railing look like my Eden variety.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Lovely shadows... I sometimes have difficulty finding interesting ones, but yours are terrific interspersed with the roses!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

The railing photos are beautiful with the intricacy of the iron work. Beautiful roses!

Leslie said...

I love early-morning light and shadows. They make me feel like I'll be taking full advantage of the day.

Beautiful images.


Alicia Padrón said...

I love the first picture Elizabeth.. makes me feel like a tiny magical elf, looking out into the garden :o)

Jeane said...

I loved each one of these photos! wonderful!

Merisi said...

all these images keep not only intricate shadows, they are full of wonder too! Simply gorgeous.

I thoroughly enjoyed coming aling your peeking expedition!

Polly said...

These shadows are stunning. I'm learning so much from your photos, how to notice things and where to look. I'll be looking for shadows now. Thank you!

somepinkflowers said...

helllO, elizabeth
just playing catch~up
with blog~hopping
after my travels
had to tell you how much
i loved your book list
a few postings back.


loved!!!! that you did
the Trashy Books genre!
we call them Beach Books
around here...
the ones you pack for the beach
the ones that take your mind
away to adventure
so very different
from your own everyday life.,
at least from mine...

this one---->
The Valley of the Dolls
by Jacqueline Susann
was so wicked for its day,
wasn't it.

i wonder how it would read today.
maybe i will find a copy
for my next Beach Day.

ps--I enjoy how you stalk
the shadow pics.
one never knows where they will be
and yours always do

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i lovelovelove looking at ny through your lens elizabeth...these are older gentler ny..

Paz said...

Glad you found some shadows to photograph. Love the roses.


susanna said...

Good late afternoon, early evening shadow shots. I'm especially drawn to your photo of the red brick wall and the red door. What a luscious colour!

Hey Harriet said...

Love that second photo! And the roses are certainly pretty :)