Monday, July 14, 2008


I did not go to the zoo. As you know, I'm quite happy for my family to pinch-hit for me.
While I was left dealing with livestock in Chelsea (see previous entry) Robert went to the Bronx with his brother.
He brought me a very nice pencil back.......and lots of photos.

A rather wonderful gila monster in a very fancy 'costume' - -pronounce in the French fashion. His arm is amazing.

The giraffe looks pale because he was in the distance.
R. said its skin, and the skin of the zebra below, were so lovely you could see why they are valuable. Which makes them very vulnerable in the wild.
However, R. wasn't convinced the north Bronx is where they would most want to be.

These are extremely clean camels, rather different from the ones on the beach in Essouira.
No fleas on Faisel. They are freshly groomed, shampooed and trimmed.
Robert hardly recognized them as camels at all.
He thought they were dark brown and here they were 'camel' colored.
They had little saddles and carried children around and didn't spit at them once.


  1. Somehow I am filled with the desire to witness a camel being shampooed, groomed and trimmed........

  2. The Gila monster looks amazing, an almost human pose!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pictures, Elizabeth! It's been so long since I've been to the zoo. Atlanta Zoo, home of the famous Willie B. :)

  4. I enjoy visiting zoos but sometimes they make me a little sad. The beautiful animals in these photos certainly look very well cared for. Looks like a lovely zoo with nice big spacious grounds for them to happily roam around in.

    I've never seen a Gila monster before. What an amazing looking creature!

  5. yes i have fond memories of the stinky cranky camels in morocco even if they are cleaner in North America! My friend even made us name our camels when we went on a ride once. I named mine "Guinevere" - my friend named his "Champagne Drifter" and my other friend named hers Alice!

  6. Those ARE very clean camels...On the nature programs they're grubby and spitting--LOL! Wonderful photos! I've not been to a zoo in a very long time, mostly as I have mixed feelings about zoo...something with animals being more or less locked up and away from their own native places and habitats disturbs me. But these lovely creatures seem pretty happy, which is great! Love the zebra and its stripes...Happy Days ((HUGS))

  7. Ok....that gila monster (aptly named) kind of freaks me out. It looks like something out of a movie... emerging...cue scary music.

  8. I like that here they are "camel" colored! ;)

  9. I love the bikes up top! Very nice shots!

  10. It has been awhile since I visited the Bronk Zoo with my kids, Elisabeth, but I remember vividly those flamingos reflected in the water, and this seal I still look at today when I need to remind myself of the art of laziness ;)


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