Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm enjoying Anna Carson's Project Black.
Of course finding black in New York isn't too difficult.
I always enjoy this sign on a building on 9th Avenue.
When the building was fixed up to become the new Apple store it was saved.
I never could find out what the "World Examining Works" was.
For $9 a year, I now hold the domain name - my son works with computers and tells me how to organize such things. An excellent name for a non-place-specific blog......

This stylish parking garage from the 20's or 30's is wonderfully black and white. It's on the east side quite near Little Italy.

Ah! the elegance of the Neue Galerie a positive poem to black and white delights. I went there with Paz in the spring.

Marble that looks like swirling water in the Meat Packing District.

A pale doorway giving onto black shadows.......very New York


  1. I love those black and white patterns.


  2. I love all the architecture you've shared here!

  3. Those are some great black subjects you found. New York has got to be a great source for many interesting photos!

  4. Wonderful shots. I remember that parking garage from my days in New York. Doesn't look like it has changed much - except maybe gotten a new coat of paint... I'm looking forward to scrolling down the page and visiting my former home for a bit.

  5. Lovely architecture, and such a good theme!

  6. Nice black pictures... could be a very DARK subject if you let it!

  7. It's like shooting fish in a barrel for you, huh? So much to choose from, very diverse.

    My favorite is the Neue Galerie--gotta love those black and white floors!

  8. Terrific architecture and wonderful shots of black. NY is a fabulous place any time.

  9. New York does black very elegantly - of course! Wonderful choices for PB.

  10. Love the marble photo. 'Meat Packing District' is an odd name for a place. Was it once an industrial kind of area? The 'world examining works' is a great name. Do you plan on using it? If not, if you created enough interest in it (wouldn't be difficult) you could sell it for a fortune! Maybe that was the plan :)

  11. I knew you'd come up with plenty of black and white in New York, too.

    Love the World Examining Works!

  12. Gorgeousrange of black tones and styles! Enjoyed walking New York with you!


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