Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Post about People

This character lives in john Derian's Shop on E. 2nd Street.
He looks very polite - bordering on obsequious - but says little.
In spite of his youthful appearance and slicked down hair, I think he is quite old.

Good to be young and cheerful.
And to have festive headgear.
I think Desiderio de Settingnano made the original of this, but if he didn't, he has a very fine name anyway.

Lots of good stuff --including Heinz Baked Beans and lots of them-- were being delivered to Myers of Keswick on Hudson Street.
I asked the people doing the unloading if I could take their pictures, and they were very obliging.
How tiresome bloggers can be.
Note the elegant bystander in the background. Prize to the first person who recognizes her.

Easier to have your picture taken when you aren't actually toting anything.
More baked beans -- to look at and for nostalgic purposes rather than to eat.

Yesterday was horribly cold. This delivery man, carrying at least four lunch orders, sped off through the chill.


  1. Ooh, I see they're making the big bean delivery in preparation for AP's big visit!

  2. I love the character at the top! I think he needs a name. :o)

    I just love browsing your blog. Makes my morning coffee so much better. Thanks Elizabeth!

  3. What a coincidence. Willow over at Willow Manor has recently done a post about JOhn Derian's shop. I'd never even heard of him - nice stuff there though

  4. I love that first photo, it has a mysterious feel about it.

  5. I'm in love with that young John Derian dude!!!

  6. I love your line about how bloggers can be so tiresome. haha

    Great pictures, as always.

  7. btw, when one stands as long as your obsequious character has probably been standing then it's ok to have that wooden far away look.

  8. Fun, fun pix from John Derian's shop!! I love old mannequins and this guy is fabulous! :^)

  9. Lovely photos! I adore the little smiling chap in the fabulous crown!

  10. could it be Susanna ?? i dont have a blog ,do i still stay in the challenge?/. looks like you had so much fun there XX Carole

  11. nice pics That doll on top looks great and I love the next one. My hubby stops me sometimes because these day I like to take pictures of anything (for the blog)

  12. John Derian's shop is a place I want to visit...although that old character did give me pause...

  13. Mornin', Elizabeth. I had fun with you in New York this past Tuesday. You have such a terrific sense of humour. Marmite may not be my thing but it was a necessary experience in life and I certainly enjoyed the tea & the company - thank you. We should meet up in December and look at the holiday windows on 5th Avenue. :)

  14. lovely---love john derian's shop and that creepy head...and it is cold...tooo coooold....

  15. Anonymous got it right!
    It is Susanna!

  16. I think we may need more beans than that for our xmas break!

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