Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cats of Course!/ Morocco

Of course there are vast numbers of cats in New York, but most of them don't spend most of the day lying in the road....

unlike their Moroccan cousins who lie around anywhere.

I think this pretty young Mimi is about to have babies.

This nice fluffy one is a little older and was supervising her kittens.

Nice to sit in the sun in February especially in the fish market

but woe betide anyone who tries to steal this guy's dinner!

Better just put on a metaphorical "Do Not Disturb" sign

or curl up.

Too laid back even to open his eyes.

Note: I'm so sorry not to have been visiting your blogs --which I will do when I get somewhere where the Internet isn't so impossibly slow. Thank you for your kind comments.
More Moroccan photos on my old Marrakesh blog here.

Hi I'm 'zwina'  --dirigia (local dialect) for super-pretty!


  1. She is zweena isn't she? My favourite is the one curled up cat on the cushion. Hope you are enjoying wherever you are now.

  2. Lovely cats; seems they have a good life in Morocco!?
    Are you there now?
    We finally have a glimpse of Spring here today - nice!

  3. Oh, to be a cat in sunny Morocco in February, stretching in the sun! Gorgeous photographs, Elizabeth!

  4. I love these lovely portraits, especially the one with the blue & white door - so happy you are sharing your journey!

  5. Elizabeth, these sunny cat portraits are fantastic, and are very welcome cheer on a rather grey NYC day.

    You know that I am more of a dog fan, but these Moroccan kitties are so full of personality, I have to admire them.


  6. Zwina! This post made me warm for a minute! Thank you for taking the time and making the effort which can not be easy! Lovely shots- mmmmm sunshine!

  7. I hope that our buster does not see this post- you will be in so much trouble when you get home.

  8. Oh cat photos! And cats in Morocco, lounging everywhere as if they were on holiday, is just marvelous!

  9. That is a huge amount of cats, who feeds them and are there any birds left in Morocco ?

    cheers, parsnip

  10. I am not a feline fan, but these portraits are just lovely in their realism.

  11. Cool cats! I can't resist photographing them when I'm traveling in Europe. American cats don't lounge at doors like that. They are too busy decimating local critters. I'd have a cat except for that reason.

    Yes, slow internet is frustrating. I'm hoping we don't lose power in the blizzard. Snow Day for sure tomorrow. At least it's gorgeous.

  12. You should make a book out of it, like this lady!
    She got me truly obsessed with the local kitties whilst living in Cairo...

  13. I love that second one...reminds me of my old cat Martin.....slightly pinker but very similar. Hope you're having a great time. x

  14. So much enjoyed this kitty love, Elizabeth... very fun to have a glimpse at your old blog too. :o) I've been online sporadically myself, but due to health. Been down with the flu. I'm taking time off and digital sabbatical too to recuperate from this bug that doesn't want to budge. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  15. Oh sweet kitties! Love the curled up kitty too : ) What a great trip!


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