Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Road to Essouira

Rather different from New York...

About a hundred miles directly west from Marrakesh one comes upon an almost lunar landscape.

The sky is so wide and high

and there are sheep and goats beside the road

with shepherds to look after them.

There are goats up argan trees eating the nuts

rather popular sights for tourists!

The Atlantic is wild and has jagged rocks

fishing boats set out to catch rather astounding fish.
See below.


  1. ACK! SO ENVIOUS! Have a wonderful time- you are sure to, I know! LOVE!

  2. this looks like the perfect place to be right now, a perfect antidote to the dreary cold grey weather we've been experiencing! my eye is drawn to the brilliant colors particularly in the fishing boat. have fun Elizabeth.
    & I can not wait to show my son the photo of the goats in Argan trees. I've seen pictures of this before but assumed the goats were photoshopped into the trees! now I know the real story thanks to you.
    : )

  3. Soo very lovely - many happy memories. Goats in argan trees - very particular. trip to hammam perhaps?

  4. So very interesting !
    Glad to hear all is well and your having a wonderful time.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. The picture of the shepards is just beautiful- almost like a painting- wonderful colors.

    And the picture of the goats is hilarious- I had no idea goats could climb.

  6. Goats in trees: hilarious!
    I love the beach and boats photo.

  7. Lovely! It rained ALL day yesterday (Saturday) here.

    I love those goats in the tree. :-)

  8. You're even making me want to take this trip E - beautiful images. Hope you are having fun!

  9. Certainly lunar looking. Do hope you are having a great time.

  10. I can't believe the goats in the trees! That is too funny.

  11. Elizabeth, you are so correct...your Moroccan views are a bit different from the average NYC view...although we did see some lovely blue sky this morning.

    Rain is now closing in, and I don't expect to spot a single goat in a tree. Of course, I am those goat jump/climb down from those trees? How I'd love to see a video of the entire routine.


  12. It looks like a wonderful trip already, goats in trees, fabulous fresh fish, fantastic blue skies!!

  13. Kind of looked like Nevada, but with goats.

  14. Travel is one sure way to help us appreciate. So many different ways to live. Goats in the trees--haha! Which ones are the nuts?

  15. ooh and aah...the light. i'm trusting you will bring the bright sunny weather with you to nyc...

    have fun!

  16. Breath taking! And I don't mean the aroma from the fish in the last photo.


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