Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day

Well it did snow --there was a regular sort of a storm --not the blizzard we were warned of. Some parts of Long Island and New England had it far worse.

Even at the height of the storm, food delivery men were wobbling on bicycles down icy streets. Pizza and sandwiches......Hmmmm

I'm a sucker for large trucks and the driver of this one was very chatty.....

For some reason snow on vehicles invites photo taking.

Maybe it's the contrasts of color or something.

Ah, the mystery of unswept steps. Is the house abandoned?

Who will be first to mark a path?

The newspaper delivery girl whose arm is amazingly accurate.

Terrible photo of the dog looking cheerful.

Dog licking snow off nose.

The park between the buildings shot from our apartment. The little playground in front and the slope behind.

I'm always reminded of Pieter Breughel --little figures against snow in the distance.

Looking out of our window past the builders' debris. One of the bikers having a close call with a cab. Sun now out. Storm officially over --at least for us.


julia at terrain said...

Looks pretty. Enjoy the crispness before the sloshy chaos takes over!

angryparsnip said...

Happy to know your all fine.
In fact the city looks lovely right now. I like the muted greys, green, and blue alongside the glowing white snow and spots of color.

cheers, parsnip

bea's blog said...

Good to know you are fine.
That's quite a lot of snow!
It was all in the news about your snowstorm overhere...
as always, great photos.
Beatrice and Gizmo

Maria said...

Wow! Beautiful! So much snow! And buster has a lot of fun!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Thank goodness NYC was spared somewhat, she's been through enough in recent times.
Wonderful selection of photos for this walk, there is something about snow that just begs to be photographed. My favourite? the stairs.
You can enjoy a lot of goings-on from your window Elizabeth, and I see your handsome boy has his snow boots on!

Frances said...

Elizabeth, your early Saturday snow photos are so beautiful...sometimes it seems as if NYC just gets the snow cleared up a bit too soon.

(I say this as someone who did a bit of sidewalk shoveling myself this morning.)

It was great to see you this afternoon.


Lily Hydrangea said...

You've done a beautiful job illustrating a lovely snow day.

louciao said...

Snow looks so much more charming and enticing in other people's photos and cities. I love that Chelsea Restaurant shot in particular.

We're having the blizzard here now.

Em Parkinson said...

Stunning Elizabeth, as ever. Love the dogs!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

A Approved! What a great truck!

Wonderful glimpse into the snowy New York! Somehow, the snow seems to soften the city and make it quiet.

Be safe and warm,

Willow said...

I just wrapped my robe a little tighter and my heater kicked in--a little vicarious sympathy for your cold.
Query: why would anyone leave a bike out in a snow storm??

Linda Sue said...

BRRRRR-rrrr- The snow plastered vertically against the trees- You know it has been cold with a complimentary wind to plaster snow like that! I don't suppose the dogs are liking that weather much!

Leenie said...

All very Breughelesque. Glad the storm didn't get you too bad. Your eye for art in the commonplace is outstanding. Your photo of Buster flying through the snow is wonderful and full of action. Fun post!

Dianne said...

I love Buster's blue boots
just like him they have character

snow on bikes seems so odd

stay warm

Margaret Gosden said...

Through your eyes Chelsea looks pretty good in the snow! Love the first shot!

somepinkflowers said...

{{ oh my
i so
want to play in Snow
i cannot even begin
to explain it ...
you may know
i went instead to the beach ...

is buster
wearing blue snow shoes ??
i had no idea
being a florida*girl
it does make sense ... }}

JoeinVegas said...

It still looks cold. Pretty, but cold.

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing your winter storm with us, in the most beautiful way! That first shot is quite magical, and I can see just what you mean about the sledders looking like a Breughel painting.

Jenny Woolf said...

Wonderful how dogs know how to have fun! :) You New Yorkers have had your share of weather for this year, I;m glad it wasn't worse.

lisa hermanson said...

Love the Breughel.

Barbara said...

Would not want to have to set on one of those bikes. The trucks are so different and colourful.