Friday, July 6, 2012

A New York Frame of Mind

Because we are leaving the city for a week, an excuse to post very New Yorky pictures. Two cool guys outside a tat parlor in Brooklyn.

Business types on the subway

and a guy with cool yellow glasses reading an actual book.

On the way to the fireworks

on a red white and blue day

Dallas Barbecue feels festive

Then up to the roof 

for the magical show which does not photograph well

That's what's good about fireworks --so fleeting and lovely that you have to BE THERE

It was fun.


  1. There's something nostalgic about your photographs. I think it's the light -- it suggests an earlier time, somehow.

    I don't know anything about it, but it's what I see.


  2. My favourite's the dude in the yellow shades, reading a book. Enjoy your new tattoo! (I assume that's how you persuaded those macho men outside the tat parlour to let you get their pix?)

  3. Elizabeth, hoping your week away will bring relief from NYC's current heat and humidity! Have a great break.

    Meanwhile, I love all these photos, with my favorite being those little Chevrolets just inside the back window of the big Chevrolet. Wow.


  4. I'm lovin' your photos especially the vintage firework one and the yellow cool.

    Have wonderful time out of the city.

  5. I love Peals comment, I feel that way too.
    and like louciao I want to see your tattoo.

    Have some lovely time away from the heat of the city.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. sigh...will have to BE THERE for the fireworks, one year.

    next time in the city i will meet one of those cool guys, or a cool guy...

  7. Hee Hee!

    No, I do NOT have a tattoo, I will NEVER have a tattoo.
    My philosophy is: each to his/her own.....
    I merely try to record stuff I see....

    I often ask people if they will pose for me,and they most often agree to.
    I try to avoid posting really unflattering or unkind photos.

    Happy weekend!

  8. These are fantastic photos...what a dream to see fire works above NYC.

    I love the photo of the two business people on the subway. Looks like the guy next to them was just as engaged in the conversation.

  9. Adored them all (of course) but it's a close between the Chev and the Cab!

  10. I am not sure what happened to my comment, it seems to have disappeared?

    I just wanted to congratulate you on your very artistic photographs, they have a lovely painterly quality.

    I enjoyed the fireworks, albeit from afar.

  11. Looks like a fun July 4th, indeed!

  12. I love the look on the business type woman's face, I think the guy better stop while he's behind

    these are all wonderful NYC shots

    have fun on LI

  13. love your images. i too ask people if l can take their photo and most of them say yes. What camera are you using and do you have a filter on it? xxlynda

  14. I'll never read a book in a moving transport. It makes me dizzy. But I like the guys yellow glasses, makes me want to go grab one for me. Anyways, your photos are superb.

  15. love this collection of pics... really enjoyed the view

  16. Great New York pictures! Love the fireworks over the city, I bet it was really beautiful in person.

  17. Cool guys? No, just faddish.


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