Wednesday, July 4, 2012

George Washington in Huntington

George Washington, like Queen Elizabeth the First, dined and slept all over the place

but GW did dine at Platt's Tavern in Huntington, Long Island on April 23rd 1790. (Corner of Park Avenue and 25A.) And then, as these things do, the site of Platt's Tavern became an Exxon Station.

painting by Jane Spaholz

Then the Exxon Station closed, and local  mural artists decorated the old building with images of  GW.

sketch byErich  Preis

This is one currently in process.

They also added pictures of local characters including Lenny Tortora who ran the photo developing place when my children were young.

Below is a picture of the lighthouse in Huntington harbor by Lori Gugliemino on the same building.

all rather festive and 4th of July-ish.


  1. Quite wonderful and a nice tribute to George Washington and Lenny Tortora.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Happy 4th of July, Elizabeth!

  3. Queen Elizabeth II stopped off in Glasgow today! Surely by now she must be just a tad fed up with yet more Diamond Jubilee celebrations! Let them please be over soon I say!

  4. Happy Fourth to you and yours, Elizabeth.

    I am so wishing that I'd had my camera with me on tonight's subway ride home from Times Square. There was a remarkable lady dressed in all sorts of red, white and blue, with multiple diamonte starry earrings to continue the celebration.

    I am giving the fireworks a miss this year.


  5. Thanks for the update regarding the gas station and its murals, and for the plug about the painting that I did of the Harbor Lighthouse. Happy Fourth!


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